Jun 20, 2014

falling in pools, illness, nursery, itching

As I wrote yesterday, I haven't found time to blog this week with all four of us sick. So, some of today's five I intended to flesh out as full posts, but a few sentences will have to do!



We had a very eventful Father's Day weekend to say the least. On Saturday, Casey's brother and dad came over and knocked out some huge nursery tasks (painted the whole room, repaired the electrical for the sprinklers which awkwardly went in the nursery, and hung ceiling fans in the nursery and guest room). Then Saturday evening we went to Casey's brother's house to celebrate. The boys LOVED playing with their cousins and running around on the trampoline!

If I knew how to put videos into a blog post from my iPad I'd insert a really cute on here. But I don't know how. Sorry!

Casey showing off his personalized #1 dad tumbler.
Davy is loving him a Tervis straw in the background.

On Sunday we woke up and did "gifts" with the boys and went out for a family breakfast.

Then we headed to my brother's house for a second Father's Day celebration. And oh my. Seconds after arriving Tripp threw up all over me. We've been dealing with car sickness in Davy and so wrote this off as Tripp heading down that same path. After cleaning up, we headed outside to swim and the boys enjoyed the wading step with the little fountain for a bit. We sat them at the picnic table for a snack and decided they were actually hungry so we should set up for dinner. Casey went inside to get high chairs and I stayed outside with the boys.

Tripp got up from the table and started walking towards the pool so I stood up to follow him. As I was herding Tripp away from the water, I heard a splash and a scream. Davy was in the water!! I turned jumped in and had him out fast enough he never even coughed (so he never even swallowed water thank goodness!). Once I realized Davy was fine, I was terrified because while I was diving in the water after Davy, I lost track of Tripp! He was perfectly fine, but I was traumatized! I was so angry, so scared, so shaken that I wanted to just go home, but Casey talked me down and we got the boys set up to eat.

And Tripp threw up. Again. And again. So, happy Father's Day Casey!

I'd also like to point out that Davy threw up on me on Mother's Day. So it is disgustingly fitting that Tripp got me on Father's Day -- although it would have been more fitting if he had gotten his Daddy!


Sunday marked the beginning of a whole week of sick.


Tripp was afflicted Sunday evening, all day Monday, and Tuesday. By Wednesday morning he still had a low-grade fever but his symptoms were gone. As of Thursday evening, Tripp is still barely eating and fatigued but he is fever free.


Davy and I both got the tummy bug on Tuesday and started throwing up Wednesday morning. I was overwhelmed with a sick me and two sick kids and Casey leaving to go out of town. Casey called his parents to come over for backup (yay!!) and decided to come home himself. It's a good thing he came home - the tummy bug claimed it's fourth victim just a few minutes after he walked in the door!

Davy is completely refusing to eat and barely drinking. We are INCREDIBLY worried about his fluid intake and will probably be at the pediatrician in the morning. Our pediatrician wants a minimum of 4 wet diapers every 24 hours and Davy barely hit that today. He still has a fever, but no symptoms since Wednesday.

Casey and I are both still clearly sick although the worst of it was Wednesday. I have absolutely no idea how we would have survived this without Casey's parents! How do people without local family do this parenting thing?!?


In the midst of all of this illness, I am stressed about my dissertation. My goal was to be finished by the end of June, but I havemt had childcare the last two weeks and so haven't made ANY progress. I've worked during naptime and before the boys wake up here and there, but the reality I'd I need naptime for rest. Keeping up with two toddlers while pregnant is exhausting and I really need to rest during naptime. The idea that I might deliver before I finish with my rewrites brings me to tears! How will I write and edit with a newborn? I won't be getting enough sleep for coherent thoughts let alone intelligent analysis and coding! So so stressed!


I also have a nursery to finish and a baby to prepare for. I have all of my newborn clothes back that I lent out, but still need to wash them all. The guest room is not in a state for my mom to stay in to help after delivery. The pool table is still the home for homeless things and hasn't been cleared. The craft room isn't as bad as it once was but still needs organized. I never bought the new baby a coming home outfit nor did I buy big brother/little brother shirts. I need to go through the twins closet and get out the burp cloths and swaddled and other newborn items. I need to get everything put away in the nursery. I need to clean the breast pump and get it ready to use. I need to pack hospital bags for the whole family. We need to install a third car seat. And all of this (and more on my master list) needs done during the short 45 minute spurts I can work during naptime!


To add to all the fun and whining in this post, my itching is getting worse. And of course, the effects of cholestasis on Baby J are potentially huge (stillbirth!) and increase dramatically after 37 weeks. So, in the back of my mind I have that to worry about and stress about too!




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  1. At least you guys managed to have a good father's day before everyone became sick. I hope you all feel better soon and you are going to have to scrub those germs outta your house - sharing is not caring when it comes to that! Ha!

    1. Every inch of my house has been thoroughly lysoled! I'm hoping it did the job!