Jun 2, 2014

a house is made of walls and beams...


Our home has plenty of love. Plenty of laughter. Plenty of dreams. But the walls of our house are pretty bare!

Today I'm joining Andrea at Momfessionals to share What's On... Your Walls. And I have to say, it's not very impressive. You wouldn't believe the number of rooms in my house where nothing has been hung yet!

Blog posts notes.

You read that correctly. I have 11 rooms with blank walls. I'll give you a moment to compose yourself.



So a rundown of my rooms.

When you first walk in my house, you enter the foyer. I've shown pictures of this space a few times before (here and here) but I've never posted a picture of the little corner with our wedding photo. At some point I would love to swap this out for a family photo, but we have not done well at all having professional photos made. And by that I mean, we've had them taken once and we weren't impressed by the photographer or the finished work. And her prices for prints were absolutely ridiculous. I would love to get family photos taken in the fall of our family of five (?!?!?!?!) and swap this out.

Our wedding photo in the foyer.
We were such babies!

From the foyer, turn right and you find yourself in the dining room. This is where we eat all of our family meals and so it is heavily used. It recently underwent a transformation where we swapped the functions of the two areas of the space (put the table in the bigger space which is supposed to be the living room and created a casual sitting area in what was designed as the dining room) which involved adding new lighting, getting a custom built (by Casey) table, etc. You can read more about this space here. We have a china hutch in the garage ready to be refinished. I even have the paints all picked out for the piece. Once we have that in the room, I will start looking for things to hang. Until then, this room has huge blank walls.

Double doors lead from the dining room into the kitchen and another little sitting space (previously the eating nook). This space doesn't have any available walls to hang things on. It is all windows and cabinetry. We have vinyl lettering on the backsplash behind the cooktop and a calendar hanging on the side of a cabinet. But primarily, this space is blank. And that can't change. To see this space, look here at the house tour.

Family calendar hanging in the kitchen.

Continuing back through the house you reach our "laundry room" which is more of a closet with a door to the garage. Between the doors, the window, and the cabinetry, this is another space with no walls for hanging.

To your right when you leave the laundry space is a half bath. It has really fun wallpaper that I actually like, but it isn't is the best of condition. For the six years since we moved in, I have been debating replacing the wallpaper and so I haven't hung anything. To cover one area where the wallpaper is peeling back I hung a pretty neat towel rack. Actually, it's an antique sterling silver candy dish with a gorgeous worn patina and a hand towel hanging from the handle.

Silver plate and the wallpaper I actually like!

The half bath is right off of the family room, which has been previously featured here. It has a fun gallery wall with my almost dead air plant, my favorite ever piece of art we own. And a blank wall that is still sporting the photos I hung for the twins first birthday party in January. All of these things can be seen here. I actually own some art and some frames to eventually do a gallery wall on the blank space. But, you knew there was a but right?, the paint is in really rough condition in this room and the previous owners didn't leave the paint for this room behind so until I choose a color and get this room painted I'm not going to do the gallery wall. Actually, I am seriously considering doing a magnetric chalkboard in dark brown across that entire wall instead of the gallery. I think the boys would love a wall to draw on and I could use magnets to display their art and projects. Win win.

This room is also home to my favorite piece of art we own:

Pencil sketch of First United Methodist Church of McKinney.
I found someone to do a sketch of our current church to hang with it!!

Behind the living room is the sunroom. This room is a work in progress. It used to be my private little space, but now it is part of the boys play area. Eventually this will house their craft space and reading space. For now, it has a gallery wall along one side.

Sunroom gallery.

The sunroom leads into the game room which has attractive early 90s wood paneling that is chipped and worn. When we first bought the house Casey wouldn't let me even talk about painting this space because the paneling looked great (his word not mine!) in his pool table room. And for a room with a pool table, two wine fridges, a wet bar, a dr pepper clock, and a dart board, the wood paneling was fine. Now, this is evolving into the boys game room so removing the paneling and putting up dry wall is probably a good idea!

Remnant of the game room's previous existence as a man cave.

Three rooms are off of the game room: (1) the media room which has sound proof walls made of carpeting and nothing but a projection screen hung, (2) another half bath with horribly atrocious red striped wall paper and a moon and stars border, and (3) our office. Until last weekend this was my office but it got combined with Casey's during our amazing Memorial Day productivity. It does have a few things hanging but it is all pink and girly and not going to stay. We need to make this space work for both of us and a pink and green work space isn't fair to Casey.

Heading back to the front of the house, off the living room (just past the foyer) a long hallway leads to the bedrooms. This long hallway housed a gallery wall of photos all in black frames when we first moved in. I took it down when I was pregnant because it really made the hallway feel small. I would love to get 3/4 canvases to put down this hall. Someday! Hanging at the end of the hallway is an engagement picture of Casey and I surrounded by the signature mat from our wedding. We did this instead of a guest book at our wedding in 2996 back when that was the style and I'm actually really glad we did. It is fun to see all of the well wishes from our guests out and on display!

Long, empty hallway. It isn't this dark in person.
It opens up with lots of light a huge skylight (one of 6 in our house).

Wedding album.

Off this hallway we have four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The guest room changed locations two weeks ago and nothing has been rehung in the space. Baby J's nursery hasn't been painted yet (it was just cleared out a week and a half ago!) so nothing is hung. The twins room is adorable and has some great things hung (like paper mâché triceratops above the cribs!) but I don't have any pictures to share. I took all of the pictures for this post during naptime so this room was off limits. The bathroom for these spaces was decorated before we were a family of three little boys and is super girly with bright yellow walls, crystal knobs on black cabinets, and pictures of castles I've visited in Europe. The final bedroom off the hallway is the master bedroom. Embarrassingly, absolutely nothing hung. We bought new furniture for our room in 2010 and took down everything to get it all laid out and in place. Nothing ever got rehung. Pretty bad! The only thing hanging in the master bath is my jewelry rack. Seriously, pretty pathetic.



  1. I love the drawing of your church! We have one of our first home and it is definitely one of my favorite items hanging in our house.

  2. The drawing of the church is really pretty! Don't beat yourself up over not decorating. I'm in the same boat. It's one of my goals for this month---finally finishing hanging things. :)