May 27, 2014

Work It Baby

I have read so many fun blog posts about the amazing three day weekends you all had. You went to pools, lakes, splash pads, parks, BBQs, and all sorts of fun things. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous! We worked. We worked REALLY hard. But, to be honest we rocked this weekend! (And obviously still had fun - how can you not with two toddlers!)

The boys love the cabinet in the sunroom. They've claimed it as their own.
I spent every spare moment on Friday trying to clean out the guest bedroom. I wish I had taken an embarrassing before so you would understand what a monumental task this was! Especially to work on while the boys "helped me." For every one thing I folded Davy unfolded five. Every time I put something in a box, Tripp pulled it out. I went through the pile of potential donate clothes that was taking over the room, organized our ski things, and got the room COMPLETELY cleared out so that on Saturday Casey and my brother could bring the two dressers we bought off Craigslist into the room. I want to change out the hardware for something more fun, but think with the painted crib these are going to look perfect!

Clockwise from top left:
(1) The guest bed all set up in its new home.
(2) The dressers we bought for Baby J.
(3) Looking at paint colors. Do you have a favorite?
(4) The dresser in the guest room.
And the new super powerful "Ferrari of Routers" that we just needed so
Casey's computer games would run fast enough in the new office space.
(5) Name blocks for all three boys. Because, cute!

Saturday afternoon, we worked on combining offices. This involved A LOT of cleaning out and throwing away. We also learned that when our random office supplies are combined we own a lot of pens and even more binder clips. Drawer organizers have been ordered and will be here later this week to help tame the pen situation.

Office supply hoarders.

For now, the new combined office is clean, organized and looking good. It's looking pretty gosh darn girly in its pink and green glory so at some point all of the pink things will need traded out, but one step at a time. We need to decorate a nursery before we think about an office!

Three monitors, a MacBook, an iPad. Technology much?

We got all of the furniture moved for the great room switch so the nursery is empty and waiting to become a nursery. The guest room is all set up as a guest room. (Well minus the closet that is still full of Casey's office stuff to go through.) The office furniture we are keeping (love seat and a cabinet) and moved and now in place in the sunroom.

The sunroom layout now.

We took pictures and listed A TON of things on Craigslist. Sadly, nothing has sold yet. We have our first potential sale tonight with a couple coming by to look at the kitchen table. We're hopeful it will ALL sell soon. And if it doesn't we'll donate it all.

I have been really really nervous about our lack of progress on the cleaning and baby prep front because even though I am 8 weeks from my due date (32 weeks today!) I am so nervous we actually only have 8 days left before my water breaks (it broke at 33w1d last time) and we need to be prepared. I know this is irrational. I know I will most likely go full term this time. But inside, I'm a much bigger mess of emotion than I ever expected to be.

So, we may not have done anything super fun or exciting this Memorial Day Weekend, but we really did rock this weekend and I feel so freakin' good!

The Before Baby To Do List (which just keeps growing!):

  • Sell kitchen table Sold??
  • Sell old dining room table (currently in garage)
  • Sell old dining room light fixture
  • Sell old kitchen light fixture
  • Sell old bathroom light fixture
  • Clean out guest bedroom so it can become a nursery
  • Remove everything from closet
  • Move guest bedroom furniture into new room
  • Clean out Casey's office so it can become the guest bedroom
  • Remove everything from office closet
  • Clean Lexy's office
  • Clean out craft closet
  • Repair drywall in craft closet
  • Combine offices
  • Move computer (figure out how to get stronger internet signal back there)
  • Move office sofa and cabinet to sunroom
  • Sell desk
  • Move guest room furniture into its new room
  • Hang fan in new guest room
  • Buy dresser for Baby J's nursery
  • Buy knobs to update dresser
  • Deep clean new nursery while empty
  • Hang fan in nursery
  • Paint nursery
  • Attach dressers to wall in nursery
  • Evaluate nursery closet situation
  • Order art for nursery
  • Order vinyl wall d├ęcor for nursery
  • Order decorations for nursery
  • Order name blocks for new baby
  • Strip and Wash all Newborn cloth diapers
  • Sort and Wash all Newborn Clothes
  • Contact Liz about my Newborn and Maternity clothes I lent her
  • Disinfect all baby toys (swings, RnPs, bouncers, etc)
  • Sort and put away all clothes in Master Bedroom
  • Find space in Master closets for the rest of the clothes that used to be in the guest room (DONATE)
  • Get dead tree removed
  • Get sprinklers looked at
  • Make a plan for replanting flower beds and reseeding grass in front and back. Hire a landscape designer?
  • Attach dresser to wall in boys room
  • Work on toy storage in game room
  • Get china hutch refinished
  • Move china and crystal from game room cabinet into china hutch in dining room
  • Sell old car
  • Buy "Coming Home Outfit"
  • Buy Big Bro/Little Bro Outfits
Every Single crossed off thing, we did this weekend! The things in Italic are all to be sold and are all listed for sale so we are just waiting. The three things in yellow are our next projects. We have a donation truck coming to our neighborhood on June 6 so this all needs done in time to take advantage of that. The rest needs done. Someday soon. Hmph.


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  1. wow!! You were productive! My water broke at 34 weeks 4 days, I wasn't even to the stage of baby soon yet! So if we have another eventually I'm sure I'll be freaking out by 32 weeks or so. Pain in the butt if you ask me, haha. But yay for getting things crossed off! Keep up the good work.

    1. Have you ever talked to your OB about risks of reoccurrence?