May 8, 2014

What I Wore. Ha.

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of me in my PJs at 8:00 at night with this caption:

"I'll never be a fashion blogger. Tonight I have to decide: do I sleep in last nights jammies that I wore all day today?"

I got some very sweet comments (as well as affirmation that I'm not the only one who occasionally spends all day in jammies!). I appreciate all of the sweet sentiments that I clean up well, but I was very serious that I will never be a fashion blogger. And since I'm not a fashionista, this post was very intentionally not posted on "What I Wore Wednesday."

I love finding a good deal and get excited over cute things, but you will never find me browsing Nordstrom's website just for fun. I go, find what I need, order it, and move on! I'm not the type to look expensive purses just because and dream of the day I might own them. In fact, I haven't bought a purse since the boys were born. I carry a diaper bag now! I wear the same pair of diamond studs every day. They have screw backs and aren't easy to change. They also have the added benefit of not being pull-able. I love a good necklace, but my grabby little guys have broken A LOT of them (including my favorite everyday necklace from Tiffany's) and now the thick chained Tiffany's heart is all they can't pull off. No self respecting fashion person wears the same earrings and necklace and never bothers changing purses! So despite the sweet comments I know that I'm no fashionista!

What all the sweet affirmations did remind me is just how much better I feel when I take the time to get dressed in the morning. I don't need to be fancy. I don't need lots of accessories. But clean clothes and "done" hair do put me in a better mood to face the day. In yesterday's link up post I wrote that real clothes energize me in a way yoga pants and sloppy tshirts never will.

Since I posted the PJ pic last week and truly reflected on how much better I feel when I'm out together, my goal has been to get dressed everyday. To hold myself accountable I've taken low quality iPhone selfies. And here they are!

Tuesday, April 29
Shorts: Gap Maternity (from last year but similar here)
Tank: Liz Lange Maternity
Scarf: Target
Shoes: Jack Rogers (lavender are a few years old but these platinum ones are gorgeous!)

Wednesday, April 30
Shorts: Two Hearts Maternity (a division of Destination Maternity with pop up shops in some Sear's locations but not available online)
Shirt: Liz Lange Maternity
Scarf: had for years but similar from Target here

Thursday, May 1
Pants: Gap Maternity (and now on sale!)
Shirt: Motherhood Maternity (From first pregnancy.)
Scarf: Mossimo for Target

Friday, May 2
Pants: Gap Maternity (now on sale but limited sizes)
White Belly Band: Bella
Shirt: Gap Maternity (Coral color no longer available.)
Scarf: ordered of Zulily
Sweatshirt: Gap Maternity
Shoes: Coach

Rehearsal Dinner
Dress: Gap Maternity (Previous season. Borrowed from a friend)
Necklace: craft show find
Shoes: left Johnston Murphy right Coach (wore left)

Saturday, May 3
Shirt: Liz Lange Maternity
Pants: Gap Maternity
Scarf: Target (No longer available. Similar.)

Dress: Pea in a Pod
Necklaces: Helzberg Diamonds (have real clasps instead if those typical tricky pearl clasps)

Sunday, May 4
Jeans: Gap Maternity (now on sale but limited sizes)
Tank: Gap Maternity
Shirt: Borrowed from a friend
Scarf: Talbots (from MOPS accessory swap)

Dress: Gap Maternity (borrowed)
Necklace: Zulily

Monday, May 5
Shorts: Two Hearts Maternity (From Sears. Not online.)
Shirt: Pea in a Pod (From first pregnancy.)

Tuesday, May 6
Shirt: Liz Lange Maternity (From first pregnancy.)
Shorts: Two Hearts Maternity (From Sears. Not online.)

Wednesday, May 7
Pants: Hippie Chick Boutique (Sold out. Similar.)
Shirt: Gap Maternity (Flutter sleeve style no longer available.)
Scarf: Hanna Andersson (Last summer. No longer available.)

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  1. Love all of the accessories! I wish I could pull off a scarf.