May 13, 2014

Pregnancy Comparison Pictures Through 30w

When I was pregnant with the twins I was really good at documenting my pregnancy every week and in fact, I wrote a weekly pregnancy update with how I was changing, feeling, etc. I haven't don't as well this time. In fact today I am 30w0d along and this will only be my third update.

Update 1
Update 2
And now here is Update 3!

Marination Time:


Baby Size:

The Bump claims this baby is as long as a cucumber. It also gives an average weight range of 2.5-3.8lbs. BabyCenter compares the boys weight to a large cabbage, with average weight of 3lbs. They also give an average length of over 15 inches. His Boys Can Swim says this new little fellow is as big as the front tire of a kids tricycle.

With the twins I had frequent ultrasounds and knew that the boys were as big as dinosaurs and were consistently ahead of the baby webpage estimates. This pregnancy, I got an ultrasound at 20w. And apparently that's it. I have no idea how this little nugget compares, although at the 20w scan he was a strapping lad.


Baby Milestones:
Developmental milestones don't change pregnancy to pregnancy so rather than rewrite all of that information, check on this post from the twins for milestones.


Tired. Nighttime nausea and vomiting - it has lessened but I still have it. Sciatic nerve pain - no longer incapacitating but I'm still not right. I still have numbness/tingling in the three small toes on my left foot. I have started getting indigestion. So that's fun.


How I'm Changing:


10w5/0d 20w3/5d 23w5d
25w3/6d 26w5d
27w3d 29w4/5d 31w2d

All photos can be clicked to view larger size.


What I'm Eating:
I'm hungry now in a way I wasn't second trimester at all. So I'm eating more than I was, but I'm still not having much in the way of cravings. I guess twice this pregnancy when Casey and I have talked about dinner the only thing that sounded good was a banana split. So maybe a wee bit of an ice cream craving! The Ben and Jerry's Cores are pretty much amazing.


Nothing huge. At this point I'm used to the vomiting. The sciatic pain is at an acceptable level. I have a cold so breathing is difficult but that has nothing to do with pregnancy!


Not great. This little guy is sitting really low and is right on my bladder. So I have to get up a lot overnight. And by a lot I mean, last night I saw every hour on the clock. I guess this is nature's way of reminding me what having an infant is like!


Nothing right now.


Belly Button Watch:
Innie. I have high hopes that I made it through my pregnancy with Tripp and Davy with my innie intact and will do so again!


What I'm most excited about:
Dissertation progress! Today was a really great writing day and I got a lot done. I feel like completion is within reach! I know that once I have sent in a rough draft to my advisor, the hard work is just beginning. Revisions, additions, edits. None of those sound very fun. But it feels like there is an end. And while I can't see it quite yet, I know I'm almost there. Today I finished writing chapter 4. I will spend tomorrow morning editing it and cleaning it up. Next week I will start my fifth and final chapter!

I'm a bit surprised because after finishing my proposal, I expected to have 100-125 pages of writing plus the pre and post pages (copyrights, university statements, acknowledgements, tables of contents, appendices, references, etc) bringing my total page count to 175ish. It seems I'll be a bit lighter than that. Hopefully my advisor is okay with it!


I'm linking this post up with Jess at Sadie Sky Boutiqueand Ashley at Words About Waverly for “It’s the Little Things!” It really is the small things that make motherhood and pregnancy so miraculous and I'm trying to remember all of them. Although not documenting enough to actually do that!

Sadie Sky Boutique


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