May 11, 2014

Playground Fun!

We had an eventful weekend! Seriously, so very much happened!

Saturday morning I got something in my eye and the whole family trekked to the emergency ophthalmologist to get a fiber removed that was causing me all the pain. Luckily, Casey got me to go in early enough" that while my eyeball was scratched and is swollen, but my cornea is okay. Apparently he wasn't overreacting!

Glasses. No makeup. Selfie at the ophthalmologist's office.

After that unplanned adventure we ran a few errands and then it was nap time. Sadly, this tired pregnant momma didn't nap. Casey and I worked on prepping the crib to get painted! Nursery progress feels pretty good.

In the afternoon we headed up to my sister's house to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom and siblings. Last year, for my first Mother's Day I took this picture of the boys and I in front of a tree at my sister's house. I intended to take the same photo again, but they were on the go the entire afternoon and I completely forgot!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to a local playground where we had WAY too much fun. We went in a few little shops right by the playground and then we ate a delicious lunch. It was a perfect morning! Only, we let it go in too long and by the time we got back in the car it was WELL past naptime. Poor tired babies!


Climbing the tunnel and sliding with Daddy.
Playing with Mommy.

We had to wake the boys early from their nap to make it to dinner with Casey's family on time, but we did make it! Before we left, Casey snapped a few shots of the boys and I in front of our front yard tree for Mother' Day!

Notice the cute smocked Tom and Jerry Jon Jons. I'm not sure they'll ever be the same. Despite us asking the waitress multiple times, and it appearing like she "got it" Davy ate something with dairy and threw up all over himself. Then Tripp was set down on a counter in the bathroom and there is a stain of unknown origins left on his little derrière. By the end of dinner they were both just disasters.

But they are my beautiful messes and I do love them so. These two boys made me a mom!



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