May 2, 2014

nursery, photo promise, sick kids, and toes

Sick baby. One of two.
I have the greatest husband ever. Hands down. Seriously. With two sick kids, it has been a horrible week. I have gotten very little sleep and they are clingy and crying all day. On Wednesday night I was up from 1:45 until 5 with Davy. When Casey's alarm went off at 5, I promptly informed him that he didn't get to snooze because it was his turn. He gladly took over and got Davy to sleep!
When Casey came back in the room I melted. From exhaustion. From the stress of getting everything done to go out of town. From frustration that Casey figured out the issue in seconds and I was up with him for hours. From fear about leaving the boys for the weekend, especially with them just getting over this virus. Total meltdown. LHis response: "I need to go into the office for a few hours but I'll be home at 9 so you can go to the chiropractor and run your errands alone."
Swoon. Romance used to be fancy restaurants and expensive wine. Now, it's taking the kids so I can get a few hours alone! Even better, I got back from the chiro and my pre-vacation errands and Casey sent me back out for a mani/pedi. Double Swoon.
I've been sharing an update from my dissertation each week, but this week I didn't get ANY dissertation work done at all. My mom got a stomach bug so wasn't able to come down and watch the little men. The boys have a viral infection and have been up every night and barely napping. And as a result, I'm grumpy. And I got no work done. (I did read a fascinating article about kindergarten readiness and was SHOCKED to learn that the gap between boys and girls is larger than the readiness gap between the poor and not poor. My thoughts and the article here.) Getting to no work done hasn't helped the grumpy situation. Also not helping, I've been SO TIRED this week that today is going to be the third day this week I've skipped doing any sort of devotional. Until I skip it, it's easy to forget how important that time in The Word really is to me. I even started a new book this week I'm really excited about! (I started Rhinestone Jesus by Kristin Welsh. So far I love it!)
A few weeks back, I mentioned Casey and I, who are normally incredibly frugal DIY kind of people, made the decision to have someone else refinish the crib. It turns out this was an awesome decision since we still haven't cleaned my office so Casey can move his office in to combine with mine so his office can become the guest room so the guest room can become the nursery (confused yet?). Basically, we don't even have a room ready to paint and call the nursery let alone any work done. But, we'll have a crib. I met with Jan today and chose a color! I feel really good about that. We have to start somewhere right?
Nursery progress.
My feet! (Which as of yesterday are beautifully pedicured)
A shout out to my feet. I can still see them! At this point when I was pregnant with the boys, I couldn't put my own socks on. I couldn't shave my own legs. I bought pull on fuzzy boots to keep my feet warm because I couldn't tie a shoe. This time, I can still see my feet!
I'm committing, rather publicly here, to actually stick with this monthly photo challenge. I've started quite a few of these, but never made it through the full month. This time I'm going to. It's only May 2 so you can join in too. It's not too late! Speaking of -- it's May 2 so why the heck is it cool enough at night in Texas for fleece pajamas?!?!
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  1. Hi :) I'm popping over from the link up.
    I hope everyone starts to feel better soon and that you manage to some sleep!

    Liane x

    1. Thanks! After posting this on Friday my husband and I dropped the twins off with my mom and headed out if town for a wedding. It was a great reinvigorating weekend!

  2. I am pregnant too, and I got a much needed pedicure a couple of weeks ago- life. changing.

    Found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. It's amazing what a pedicure does for your spirits!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Replies
    1. They were! Everyone is healthy now. Woohoooooo!!

  4. Hi! Coming in from the link up! When I read your part about your husband helping you and letting you be on your own to do things...I was swooning with you. That is awesome to know that you have such a huge support on your side. Hope he keeps up the good work and I hope your boys feel better soon!

    1. He's a keeper that's for sure!