May 6, 2014


This weekend we left the boys for the first time to head to a wedding in New Orleans to attend a college friend's wedding. We left Friday and came home Sunday (late night though so couldn't pick up the boys until Monday morning) so it was a short trip, but it was my first time away from the boys for so long. In fact, I've only spent one night away from them since they were released from the NICU. It went so well! We both missed them terribly, but we knew they were in great hands and having fun! We were able to enjoy staying out late, sleeping in a bit, and overall having pretty much no responsibility!

We left mid day Friday and landed in NOLA just in time to head to the rehearsal dinner. We ate. We drank (only sparkling water for me). We chatted. We celebrated. We completely forgot to take pictures. I have just this one low quality, pixelated selfie. So you'll just have to take my word that I looked good and we had fun! And the food was delicious!

Selfie at the rehearsal dinner at Arnaud's.
We slept in on Saturday morning (until almost 10!) and then took a pedal cab over to the French Quarter (about a mile from our hotel). We planned to get a late breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Instead I learned something about myself: I'm one cranky pregnant gal when I don't eat! The line was SO LONG. We gave up and ate lunch at a cute little Cajun/Creole cafe in the quarter. We sat on the patio and enjoyed watching all the people and eating! We walked around the French market, the quarter and along the riverside for a few hours before we had to head back to the hotel and start getting all dolled up.

Selfie at lunch.
The wedding ceremony took place at the bride's childhood school, Sacred Heart Academy. Seriously, gorgeous school. We arrived pretty early and so sat outside in the courtyard on a little bench and enjoyed the weather and the view.

Sacred Heart Academy.
Selfie sitting in the courtyard.
The bride was absolutely stunning, as expected. She radiated joy and you could just feel the love in the room. Oscar and Brie are a stunning couple!

Gorgeous bride.
Brie enters with her Daddy and leaves with Oscar.

Dr. and (almost) Dr. Oscar Batlle.
Oscar is from the Dominican Republic while Brie is a New Orleans native and the evening paid homage to both cultures. They had a traditional Bendicion de las Arras during the Catholic wedding mass while the reception included a Second Line (New Orleans traditional dance). Also at the reception the couple included "crazy hour" (la hora loca) a Latin American tradition which for their wedding featured traditional Mardi Gras style masks (as well as hats, silky rings, boas, etc) to bring a NOLA flair.

An awesome blending of two cultures.
It was such a fun reception! I was sad to leave (although my aching, heavy, baby-filled belly and swollen feet were very ready!).

At the wedding.
Metairie Country Club.
College friends at the wedding.
We woke up early the next morning and tried Cafe du Monde again. At 8:45 on a Sunday we didn't have a wait and got to enjoy a beignet and coffee (for Casey. A glass of milk for me.)

Breakfast at Cafe du Monde.
After our breakfast, we returned to the hotel got all packed up and changed for brunch. We enjoyed an amazing brunch with friends at Antoine's and really enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with the bride and groom in a less hectic setting. And the food! Yum!!

College friends (with the bride this time!) at brunch on Sunday at Antoine's.
If it sounds like we ate our way through the weekend, then you are getting the absolute right idea! We celebrated. We ate. And we walked. A lot. Apparently I ate enough that I gained some weight. I tried on all of my clothes for the weekend on Thursday night when I packed so I could see them all with jewelry and shoes and make sure they fit. On Sunday morning, I slipped on my brunch dress and couldn't get the zipper up! My rib cage had expanded! Casey was able to help me or else I don't know what I would have worn. I didn't have an extra dress with me!

The other awesome feature of the weekend: I only had one episode of nausea. The entire weekend! Just once! Until we were back to Dallas. Right about the time the plane started to descend to Love Field I got sick on the plane. (Lots of heaving. Luckily nothing came out because the only vomit bag on our row had gum stuck in it keeping it closed. Gross.) When the plane landed I was sick for real in the airport bathroom. Adding insult to injury, the airport bathroom has auto flush toilets. Gross. So so gross. I scrubbed my face in the bathroom for a good few minutes after that one.

Right after I was sick in the airport bathroom.
Not an awesome vacation weekend ending.
But I love my monogrammed sweatshirt from Little Star Clothing.
Despite the less than awesome ending, we had a great weekend. We didn't get as much sleep as we wanted - we were having too much fun! - but we came home feeling reconnected to each other and oh so very happy. I'm already wondering where we can go next!



  1. I am a beignet addict! On special occasions we make them at home. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend in NOLA!

    1. Make your own beignets?! I must know more! They taste similar to a homemade funnel cake so I wonder if it's a similar batter...