May 5, 2014

My Nightstand

Casey and I had an absolutely amazing weekend in New Orleans catching up with friends and celebrating Brie and Oscar's wedding! I'll post all about it one day this week. But not today. Our flight was delayed and we got in SO LATE and then I had to be up early early to go pick up the boys from my mom's house. So today I'm blogging during naptime. I should be unpacking. But instead, a short blog post! I thought it might be a NOLA post but I haven't gone through any of the photos yet so I'll do that tonight and give a short linkup blog now (and hopefully have time for a quick nap before the twins wake up!)


Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for her "What's On" monthly linkup series. Last month we shared what's on our DVRs (click here for my embarassing TV habits). It's so fun peeking into folks lives! This month Andrea asked, "what's on your nightstand?"

My nightstand isn't much to look at. When we bought our bedroom set, it only came with one nightstand and rather than paying for a second one I thought I would find something to coordinate. Five years later, I'm still using Rubbermaid drawers from college topped with a piece of round glass. Obviously we should have bought the second nightstand!


On my nightstand you see a lot of things. It's big. So here I go.


  • In the back left corner are two different bags of dog treats. Our dog sleeps in our room (in our bed. And seriously for a 7.5lb dog she takes up A TON of space!). When she gets sick (seasonal allergies every year that almost always develop into an infection and need steroids) we give her the pills at night in bed. So she has three little pill bottles and two bags of treats. They've been sitting on my nightstand since March. It's probably time to take them back to her cabinet!
  • In front of the dogs three pharmacy bottles is one pharmacy bottle for me and a blister pack of pills. That bottle holds my pheneregan and the pills are my zofran to help with the persistent nighttime nausea. It didn't magically go away in the third trimester. But it does seem to be less severe. I only had one "episode" in New Orleans and then I got sick on the plane on the way home. And again in the airport bathroom after we landed. As if getting sick in an airport bathroom isn't gross enough, the toilets are all auto flush. Gross!!
  • To the right of that is my reading lamp that rarely gets used anymore. I love reading "real" books but the convenience of reading books and doing my bible studies and devotionals on my iPad wins out. I miss the feel of a book in my hand occasionally, but I love that I always have my bible, my book, and my devotional in my pocket on my phone and nearby on my iPad. Since I read on my iPad, it's pretty rare I turn on my lamp anymore.
  • In front of the lamp, lotion. Not my favorite lotion. But I thought I'd try it out. I'll use it until it's empty but doubt I buy it again.
  • A random tennis ball. I'm not sure why. Or where it came from. But if I ever feel the need to throw something at Casey I guess it's handy?
  • A nighttime snack - leftover Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Seriously these things have the best peanut butter to chocolate ratios! I love them!
  • I have pens scattered all over the house. And I can never find one.
  • A bottle of tums and a bottle of acetaminophen. I'm pregnant. No judgment.
  • The remote for the stereo.
  • Writing about this makes me want to go back and get some. This chocolate from Dude, Sweet Chocolate is like crack! Actually, it is crack. They call it Crack in a Box. High end chocolate is such an indulgence and so very worth it! If you are local to DFW you have to check out Dude, Sweet Chocolate. I love it! If you aren't local, that link will let you order online. And then you can send me more as a thank you for introducing you to crack.
  • My iPad and its cute monogrammed case from Lands End. I love my iPad. I use it everyday for everything. When I was teaching, I did all of my presentations in Keynote on the iPad rather than have to drag a laptop to campus and get it set up before class. Instead of printing 10,000 pages of research, I have saved and catalogued all of the references for my dissertation on my iPad and can easily search them and find them. I already mentioned this is where my devotional, bible, and books I'm currently reading are. I use my iPad. Heavily.
  • A bag of freeze dried fruit. After I get sick at night I'm normally really hungry. So I always have a snack on my nightstand.
  • A random hair tie. I'm being completely authentic with my nightstand. No prior cleaning!
  • Last, my Bose Wave radio. My freshman year of college my dad gave (lent?) me his Bose Wave radio to take to campus with me so I could have good quality music in my dorm room. My dad was a really generous guy who viewed items as just things so didn't think twice about me taking an expensive radio to college. It also served as my alarm clock because I never used one in high school! When I came home for the summer the Bose was put back into the kitchen for the whole family to use.
    My dad passed away that summer and my mom didn't want me to take it back to college. She was emotionally attached. My dad was a huge music guy and our house was always filled with the sounds of old hymns, old timey country, folk music, or classical piano. Always. My mom didn't think she would use the full stereo system. In fact it's still in her house untouched. So she really wanted his radio to be able to have music in the house. Music was such an important part of our life with him!
    I got a cheap alarm clock that year and didn't have a stereo. I was sad.
    Well, my junior year, this amazing guy I was dating (who is now my husband!) surprised me with a Bose Wave radio for Christmas! He searched high and low to get it for me. Finding just any Bose radio wasn't going to do because I really wanted one with buttons on the top. The new models at that time didn't have any buttons on them and could only be controlled via the remote control. Not a fan. He eventually found one at the Bose Outlet Store. He spoils me!

  • In front of my nightstand I have my pumping basket. I haven't pumped since January, but it still lives here! Laziness at its best. Or maybe it's efficiency? I knew in January I would need my hands free pumping bra, heat packs, nipple cream, etc in July so it was just me preparing!
  • Join in the linkup and look ahead at what is in store for next month!




    1. Dude sweet chocolate is the best!! I love the story about your dad and the stereo.

      1. They opened a location in Preston Center near my husbands office. Dangerous!!

    2. I definitely spent some time in the 75% off section today looking at the leftover Easter chocolates.

      1. My 6 after Easter eggs are almost gone. I might need to go for clearance chocolate take two!

    3. That cracks me up that you have glass stacked on top of drawers. hahaha Thanks so much for linking up!!!