May 23, 2014

HUGE exciting dissertation news [five on friday linkup]


I finished the rough draft of my dissertation!!


I know that it is going to require ALL of the red pens. It needs a lot of additions and editing and clarifications, but I wrote something. And someday it might resemble a dissertation!!! I know this is only my first rough draft and I have a lot of work left to do, but I am so incredibly, ridiculously proud of myself.

When I sent my rough draft on to my committee chair, I so desperately wanted to put a bottle of champagne on ice to chill. But, the whole pregnant thing. So, I just fondly remembered our time in Napa and dreamed of the day we will open one of the bottles of champagne we bought at Iron Horse Vineyards in the Russian River Valley.


In the bottling room at Iron Horse.
Fifth Anniversary trip September 2011.

And now, I'm totally off for the next few days while I wait to hear from my committee chair who is currently on vacation. I feel so freeeeeeee!



Someday I will have to explain to the boys that they can't go to college because mommy spent all the money on etsy. Today isn't that day. Today I'm loving some of the cute things I've bought lately! And I'm really really ready for them to be at my house. Is it sad that almost everything I've bought is for the boys? Honestly, I need nothing. And they're much cuter than me. I'll post photos once my packages arrive. Until then, does anyone have a seller for big brother/little brother they love? I need to get on ordering these since this new little guy arrives in just nine weeks!



A few weeks back, I asked for suggestions on "child safety tethers" (post here). Well, over the weekend we pulled the trigger and bought two backpacks for the boys to wear to their first Rangers game (full post about that amazing experience here.) I know they are controversial, but I put my twins safety above any possible judgment from other mamas. Granted it was only one experience, but I was impressed. We still chose to hold the boys hands, but when one tried to break free (and they always do!) we had backup.


Perhaps my favorite picture ever: Casey walking with his boys at a baseball game.
And then one tried to break free.
I did go help (but not until after I got a picture!).


Everyone needs a little humor in their lives. If you haven't seen this hilarious article, "Why Being a Toddler is Tough", on Huffington Post, stop everything and go read it now. Seriously. Go.



The twins nursery got full blog posts as I made progress and worked on it. This poor little guy still doesn't have a room. I mean, we have a room. It's currently the guest room and COVERED in boxes and things that need to go in the attic. This weekend we are buckling down and getting that room emptied so that nursery painting and planning can begin. I intended to put an self shaming photo here so I could post an after later and be really proud of myself, but I'm comfy blogging from bed and don't feel like getting up to take one. So, no self shaming picture.


This weeks blog posts:

  • We took the boys to their first Rangers game on Sunday and I posted all about it with ridiculous twin cuteness.
  • I posted a pretty deep prayer life post about praying for my sons future spouses. I posted what I pray and why. If you don't pray for your child's future mate, consider adding it to your prayer list!
  • A review of our May Citrus Lane box.
  • A #finishthis post with beliefs, boundaries and some pretty serious self reflection of choosing to live and thrive not just survive.
  • Talking about Mommy Guilt and my second major panic attack of this pregnancy: the guilt I am ending the twins babyhood and ending our time together to welcome this new little guy.


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  1. Congrats on your dissertation! That's a huge accomplishment :) And that photo of Dad walking with his sons is so cute. I've heard the arguments against baby tethers, but I say until you've lost your kid in a crowd you can't judge. My son is barely starting to walk, but I remember one of my younger brothers used to run off the first chance he got, and we were always frantically searching for him, so I'd pick tethers over that kind of panic any day!

    The Joni Journey

    1. I was unsure of them. Pre-kids I was totally against them. Now? I love. They aren't a daily use thing but they certainly helped us at the game! I'm sure we'll use them at Disney in the fall too.