May 19, 2014

For It's Root, Root, Root for the Texas Rangers

When I found out I was going to be a boymom, I started getting excited about boy mom things. Yes, I might never host a formal tea or have a princess visit my house, but boys are all kinds of rough and tumble fun! This weekend, we checked off a huge little boy milestone: their first baseball game! And it was a blast!

First game certificates available at the promotions desk
near the home plate entrance.

We started off late because of naptime. Both boys have colds (and on again and off again fevers) and we decided not to wake them from their nap so we left our house at 2:30. The first pitch was at 2:05. Oops. But obviously we had to take a few pictures before we left. I choose to believe the boys were angry because we were missing the baseball game.

The best shot I got :(
Happy 30th Birthday Present Daddy!
A hug for Daddy.

We knew the boys wouldn't last for nine innings so missing the first few turned out to be okay. They were scoreless anyway! While we were unloading the boys from the car we heard the roar of the stadium when the Rangers scored in the 4th and then got to see the home run in the 7th and scores in the 8th! We left before the game was over but got to watch a few solid innings of baseball! All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful first game and a great 30th birthday present for Daddy.

But enough of my rambling, let's get to the part you actually want -- cute twin photos!

Matching outfits. Matching spare outfits. Ready for the game!
Tripp and I at our seats right after we arrived
Tripp showing off our view.
Great seats in the shade on the first base side on the Lexus Club Level.
(Shade was key!)
Davy couldn't take his eyes off the field for the first 20 minutes. He was entranced!
Daddy walking with his boys.
Perhaps one of my favorite pictures of all time.
In the concourse.
Daddy/Tripp selfie.
Family fun!
Right before we left.
Daddy took this picture of Tripp as we were leaving.
Was Tripp crying because we were leaving?
Or were we leaving because he was crying?
You decide!

We didn't do anything huge.  We didn't have to spend a lot of money. But the boys were SO happy. They smiled. They flirted. They waved at all the people. They attempted to climb in laps of the people sitting around us (with the folks permission - we don't let them run wild!). They loved their first game.  And it is a day that is burned into my memory as an amazing first!

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