May 9, 2014

crazy, flooring, mother's day, yoga pants, and storms


A friend shared this on twitter this week and I'm pretty much in love! Life with twin boys is crazy and I can't imagine it any other way. Life with twins+one and all in just 18 months is going to be absolute insanity. But it's my insanity. It's my family. It's my loves. And I love it. God is seriously so so good!



Yesterday I blogged about my maternity wardrobe. I'd say maternity fashion, but we all know that I'm no fashionista. I was so proud I had gotten dressed in "real" clothes 8 days in a row. Yesterday I did get dressed, but never got a picture. And by the time Casey got home from work I was in yoga pants. The boys and I got absolutely drenched heading into the chiropractors office and all needed to change when we got home. And I chose to change into comfy yoga pants! Oops.

In my defense, it was a rough morning.


I worked hard on Tuesday and got all of the foam pieces cut and trimmed to finish out the sunroom floor. And I love it! It was a cheap and easy change but I like the "wood" look so much better than the brightly colored juvenile foam we had before! Sadly, I probably worked a bit TOO hard and spent the afternoon having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Not pleasant.



Dallas was hit by some pretty severe weather yesterday. Flooding all over the metroplex and the tornado sirens went off around 3:30. I was in the nursery about to change a few diapers when my phone started buzzing incessantly for the emergency alert. I dumped a bag of clean, folded clothes on the floor and threw in diapers and the boys wubs and blankies, grabbed one wet baby and one naked midway through a change baby and headed to the second safest place in our house, the windowless media room. I left the boys in the room to go find the dog and grabbed a tub of toys and my iPad on my way back in. As soon as I got into the media room, I finished diapers while pulling up weather info on my iPad. As soon as I saw the line of storms, I grabbed both boys, the dogs leash, and our bag on comfort items and hightailed it for the teeny tiny half bath that is our homes only interior room. This teeny little room is crowded with two toddlers, a dog and a pregnant mama!

Once the all clear was given, we spent the afternoon snuggling and coming down from the crazy adrenaline high. It was terrifying trying to take shelter with two little people! I'm a planner and a preparer and this tornado warning came with no warning. I had no time to lay out our supplies and get everything ready. I didn't plan. I wasn't prepared.



Sunday is Mother's Day. So much has changed since I wrote this post about my [un]Mother's Day two years ago. I ended that post reminding myself that someday, in some way I would be a Mother. And now I am. But for so many of my friends this is a hard day. A painful day.

Some of you have lost your mother. This day is a reminder of how much you miss her and of the void she left in your heart with her passing. Or maybe you have a failed relationship with your mother and Mother's Day is a painful slap in the face for the relationship that you never had or that has disintegrated.

Some friends have lost a child and on Mother's Day you yearn to just hold your child. Wether you lost a baby to miscarriage or lost a child, today is a day of mourning the mother you were and the mother you could have been.

Many of y'all are still deep in the trenches of infertility. Or maybe you are single and wishing you were at a place to embark on the journey towards motherhood. This is a day that is just so hard. It is a reminder of all the dreams you have that haven't been fulfilled. That may never be fulfilled. It's a day of unanswered prayers.

Regardless of your circumstances, I know this Hallmark Holiday weighs heavily on so many people. You will spend the weekend hoping to wake up on Monday. You certainly don't want to go to brunch and see all of the happy families or have to sit through the new baby dedications at church on Sunday morning. No matter what you choose to do on Sunday, wether you suck it up and put on a happy mask or sit at home and watch Bravo while eating Ben&Jerry's, please know that I am praying for you.

I am praying for your pain, your loss, and your unfulfilled dreams. I am praying for your suffering. I am praying peace over you. I don't know God's will or His plan. I don't know why He allows such suffering. I don't know why He doesn't intercede and stop your pain. What I do know is God hears your cries. God feels your pain. God loves you.



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  1. I spent the weekend doing a ton of chores around the house, and I had sooo many Braxton Hicks contractions, too! I told my husband that this probably meant he needed to help me out some. Hahaha it worked. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh man! I wish that was an option for me! I'm somehow nearly 30weeks and completely unprepared. I need to start doing A LOT more work during naptime to get our house ready and consider STARTING a nursery!

  2. You have such cute little babies! Have an awesome mothers day weekend!
    Mariel Collins
    Living For His Glory

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty biased but I think they're just the cutest :)