May 16, 2014

complete randomness and exciting dissertation news!!! [five on friday]


I FINISHED CHAPTER FOUR. I seriously want to shout this to everyone I see. I have one chapter left to write before a rough draft of my dissertation is complete!! My goal of having it submitted to my advisor before this nugget arrives is looking more and more likely! I can't even explain how happy this makes me!

Two computer. Three monitors. Tervis Tumbler of tea. Another a Tervis of water. It's clearly dissertation time!


I get emails fairly frequently asking me to accept a free {whatever} in exchange for a review on my blog. I've only accepted once, and I gave away the stroller on the blog. This isn't because I am opposed to doing compensated posts, but I would only do so for a company/product I believe in. If an etsy shop I've bought from before wanted me to, I would. If a business I already know and love wanted me to review a product I was unfamiliar with, I would. For a company to ask me to spend multiple hours taking photographs and writing a post I want to know I love it, but it seems appropriate I would be compensated in some way.

However, twice this week I've received emails from companies asking me to write a post on a topic and promote it on twitter/facebook/Instagram with an assigned hashtag. The post isn't a review, it's just a publicity tactic. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The company wants me to work on their behalf for no compensation at all. Is this some new thing? It's a sponsored post, but not really. And without any form of sponsorship!

I write posts anyway, so what's the harm in tailoring one to their theme? I guess it can't hurt them to ask me. But I feel a bit taken advantage of being asked!

Do you allow companies to utilize your blog? Do you only do product reviews with giveaways? Any type of compensated/sponsored post? Would you do an uncompensated post like this?



In a completely non-compensated post, every time I post pictures of the boys with sippy cups I get questions about their adorable dinosaur name labels. They are seriously amazing. We have yet to have a label come off a cup - even ones that are heavily used and go through the dishwasher and sit soaking in a bucket of soapy water all day when I lazily don't load the dishwasher right away. They've been stuck on bottles for over a year and on sippy cups since we started using them in June. Seriously, they are high quality. And obviously cute or so many of you wouldn't be asking! They are from an Etsy shop called My Two Babes. You can connect with them on twitter @mytwobabes and Facebook as well.



I hit 30 weeks this week (pregnancy update with some great twin v single belly comparison shots here), which I remember was a HUGE goal in my twin pregnancy. It doesn't feel quite as exciting this time. Last pregnancy was rough and had multiple complications but 30 weeks when it all really started to unravel. In fact, I didn't take a single belly shot after 30 weeks. The only photo I have of my belly at the end of the pregnancy is one Casey took of me asleep in the recliner in the nursery! At 33 weeks my water broke and at 33w3d the boys came into the world.

I have so so much anxiety about going into pre-term labor. So, yesterday at my OB appointment I flat out asked what risk I was for repeat pPROM and if their is any way to tease out how much of my early delivery was due to twins, how much was due to cholestasis (a complication I am risk for again but so far have avoided!), and how much had something to do with my body and could happen again. Sadly, the answer is: no way to tell.

Apparently my anxiety and nerves are completely rationale and probably warranted. While the majority of twin moms who delivery prematurely go one to have healthy singleton pregnancies, the majority isn't everyone.



Im going to need all of the folks whose blogs I read and who I hang out with on Twitter and Instagram to stop posting such cute things. I haven't gone over budget yet but oh man. The cute!! So much cute!!

The whole pregnant again thing and a good xx pounds (we don't mention this number) away from a weight where I'm comfortable (and about to cross a scary, no turning back threshold on the scale!) makes it pretty much impossible for me to buy anything for myself right now.

The boys are faily set in 18m clothes. I could probably use a few more short sleeve t-shirts but other than that? They're good. Assuming the 18m shorts start fitting soon! Otherwise we have a problem. The 9m shorts fit great around the waist but are too short. And I only bought one set of 12m shorts since they wore 12m in the winter. So, I don't NEED to buy them anything.

So just stop with all the cute!




I posted a number of times this week and a few are (not to toot my own horn or anything) actually halfway decent. I know when I post a lot it can be easy to miss one - so here they are:

  • A Mother's Day recap - mostly just pictures of our awesome morning at the playground. I choose not to post the icky drama parts online.
  • For your voyeuristic delight, a look inside our kitchen and dining room. It's a virtual open house one month at a time!
  • I finally posted another pregnancy update (I'm already 30 weeks!) and included some never before comparison pictures. Seeing the crazy difference between my twin belly and this singleton belly really is just so fun.
  • A fun #finishthis post with hair pictures (including a pic from that unfortunate year I dyed my hair brown), a picture of my family in 1985, and a question on gratitude that somehow in my stream of consciousness ended up being my thoughts on baptism.
  • Finally, a post I'm really proud of - my breastfeeding journey. I touch on attempting to nurse in the NICU, exclusively pumping (with a few tips), finally getting the boys back to breast, tandem nursing, and weaning. All in one post. It took A LOT longer to write than I expected so, sadly, it never got edited. One if these days I'll go back and clean it up. But for now, I'm pretty proud of the amount of information!

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  1. Yay for hitting 30 weeks! Hope your anxiety disappears =0)

  2. A dissertation?!? You must be SUPERWOMAN to be doing a dissertation with twins and another on the way. Good for you! I'm sure you'll have the last of the first draft completed before the new baby comes! :) Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks! It's a lot, but I know it will be worth it when I get hooded! I originally thought I might be able to graduate before the new baby came, but completing the first draft is a much more realistic goal.