Apr 20, 2014

Three Days.

Smocked Easter Outfits.
What a weekend! We jam-packed a lot into this one. And now I'm paying the price. I'm having my first Braxton-Hicks contractions of this pregnancy. So here I sit in bed, chugging water and recapping our weekend. And trying to figure out when my babies got so big!
Easter 2013 at 3 months.
Easter 2014 at 15 months.
The financial markets were closed on Friday for Good Friday so we had Casey home all day. A rare treat! We enjoyed spending time as a family and we played hard! We have boys who really love to play. After naptime we ran a few errands before our 15 month well-check. Casey would never forgive me if I didn't share one of our errands. So, the story.
Last weekend, our car was packed with 3 babies (all rear-facing) and four adults. To get folks in and out, two adults were having to climb through the back hatch because rear-facing seats don't leave any space to get by. We all went to the Easter Egg Hunt and then went to a local place, Bake and Play Cafe, for a snack. Sometime in the fun of the day and the chaos of getting in and out of the car we lost a shoe. All week, I have searched for this shoe. Diaper bag. Car. Nursery. No luck! On Thursday, Casey suggested I call Bake and Play and see if anyone had turned it in. I knew the boys went into the cafe shoeless and the parking lot is shared with a whole strip mall so even if someone found it outside there is no guarantee where (if!) they would turn it in. I was sure it wasn't there and didn't call. On Friday while we were doing errands, Casey took the initiative and called. And they had our shoe! Someone turned it in!! He's feeling like the hero.
After finding our shoe, we headed to the boys 15 month well-check where we learned they are doing great and making strides towards kicking prematurity's butt! All in all, an awesome appointment. We ended Friday with a trip to InNOut Burger. Pretty nice.

At InNOut Burger.
Dairy free fries.
Dairy free burger.
Saturday we ran a few more errands, including a stop at Target for the second pouf for the nursery. Yay! Feels so good to have that done! We went to our nephews birthday party. We played Easter Bunny and got everything set up. We ironed the boys Easter outfits. Twice. (Don't ask.)
The Easter Bunny was here!
Sunday was of course the big day. Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny knew the boys were still young so gave them filled Easter baskets instead of making them hunt for everything. And the boys were pretty enamored with their goodies. (More about what they got here.)
Checking out the new toys.
We worshiped with our church family at Munger Place Church and then let the boys hang out at the petting zoo (yes, our church had an Easter petting zoo!).
Alleluia. Christ The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia.
Then went to spend the afternoon with our family. The boys hunted for eggs with their cousins. We ate. We talked. We laughed. Good day.
(1) Courtney and McKinley finding eggs and presents in the shrubs.
(2) Maddie running for an egg
(3) The chaos of five big kids hunting.
(4) Ryan and Megan searching the bushes.
(5) Nana shaking out the confetti egg.
(6) Gretchen right after Courtney smashed a confetti egg over her.
(1) Nana helping Tripp look.
(2) Davy found an egg high on the ledge.
(3) Tripp shaking his eggs.
(4) McKinley holding Tripp's basket (and trying to explain that we put eggs in the basket!)
(5) Courtney leading Davy out to the egg hunt.
(1) Davy decided he didn't need to search. Plenty of eggs in brothers basket!
(2) Davy emptied his basket. One thing at a time.
(3) Brothers comparing notes.
(4) Who needs shaky eggs? They have shaky buckets!
(1) Davy and his newly emptied bucket. Just one pesky piece of tissue left.
(2) Tripp comparing the shaky.
(3) Davy discovered the Annie's Bunnies and paused for a mid-hunt snack.
(4) Tripp taking a snack break.
(5) Davy wants to know why his ears are on again. Don't we know he took those off already?
(6) Tripp exploring his basket.
And now I'm just plain tuckered out!
Happy Easter!

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