Apr 10, 2014

The Pouf That Almost Broke Me

A few weeks back I saw a pouf in the outdoor furniture section at Target but I didn't have my fabric with me to know if the color would work in the new little guys nursery, so made a plan to go back. But when I went back it was sold!

And so begins my horrible tale of woe.

I did what every determined girl would do and went online and found my pouf on Targets website and found a store not TOO far away that had it in stock.

After my chiropractor appointment today, the boys and I made the trek to Richardson Square Mall to look at this beauty. And on the way they fell asleep in the car. Cue sitting in the parking lot for 30 minutes waiting for them to wake up.
And while sleeping Davy filled a diaper. I mean seriously filled a diaper to the point it was all the way down his leg and onto his shoe AND up his back a bit. I've NEVER seen anything like this. Ever. This wasn't a blowout. It was an overflow. And took every single wet wipe I had in bag. So now you know what kind of awesome mood I was in when I walked into the store with a now pantless and shoeless redneck little boy (Just to complete the picture, the cloth diaper I grabbed for Davy was ironically camouflage. The redneck experience was complete!). Now, the scene is set.
Two boys. One cart. No place for shopping.
I put both boys into a single shopping cart in the parking lot so I can get them into the store and find a double cart. This is my usual system now that I hurt my back because carrying both for that long seems like a bad plan. Irony of ironies, just this very morning I posted on the blog on double shopping carts. Well, I get into this Target and find out that EVERY. SINGLE. double shopping cart has either broken straps or a broken buckle. I obviously can't stay and shop. So I take a moment to write a formal store complaint and then leave without even getting to compare my fabric to the pouf.
I'm actually impressed. Target already replied to me on Twitter!
I load the boys back in the car and head to yet another Target. This one is actually closer to my house than the Richardson Square Mall location, but it isn't a SuperTarget so I wasn't sure I'd be able to pick up bananas and AlmondMilk - both on my must buy today list. But, I figure I'll try it.
On the way, I smell a smell. Joy. Two dirty diapers and NO WIPES!
Luckily, this store has a double cart at the front. I've never encountered this style before but I'm game. So I strap the boys in and head to the baby aisles to grab wipes. And then go change to majorly gross diapers. Again. And now I have two pantless, shoeless, hooligans.
And this new double cart is failing us. It said on the tag it was for kids aged 2-6 years old and not babies but I ignored the label. I shouldn't have. The buckles only went around the waist and not between the crotch so they just slid right out. Constantly. All over Target. So picture me attempting to shop with shoeless, pantless, redneck children managing to finagle their way out of the cart and into the store. I wish I had taken a picture of the acrobatics my boys did sliding in and out do these seats!
Given their antics, I didn't get any pictures of them. I wish I had. We were a disaster in the store!
By the time we left, I had bought half what I needed and for the first time since the boys were born nearly cried in public from the exhaustion of keeping up with them!
And after all of that, here is the pouf with my fabric. And I'm just not sure. I love the base color next to the fabric, but the circles might be too bright to really work. I need opinions!
Could it work?
I love poufs!
My boys love sitting on and playing on poufs.
I'd love to have two poufs in the nursery.
But could this one work?


  1. My sympathies, but, I have-ta say, if I ever teach HS I'm considering printing this blog post and distributing it 2-3 times in class as method of "scared straight" birth control endorsement ;-) First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the nanny you underpay 'til she gets her green card, THEN the tots *grins*

    1. Ouch! I hate to think of my life as a birth control ad! My boys are really very good!

  2. What an exhausting experience! And how you did this pregnant I will never know. I think the pouf totally works, It isn't even going to be right up next to the fabric in their room anyway. It would be super cute!

    1. Shoot, I keep commenting under Ryan's name. Sorry!

    2. Ha! Funny! I find myself facebooking as Casey any time I borrow his computer - and being super confused by all these pictures of people I don't know!

      In the harsh Target lights I was really unsure of the pouf, but sitting in my kitchen I like it again. Which means I need to find a second one!

  3. Ha. This made me laugh. Definetly not a birth control add. Just a great story other mom's can relate to. Every mom has a poop story. :)