Apr 10, 2014

The Double Unicorn

I've posted on twitter and facebook about my biggest shopping issue these days. And I know that once Baby3 comes along I'm only going to get more passionate on this one! So it's time for a blog rant!
Unless you've done it, you have no idea what it is like to try and shop with young twins. Every time you go the grocery store you have two little ones to and a cart only designed to hold one. So you have a few options.
  • You can put one in the seat and one in the basket. And both will cry because brother is doing something different and they want to be together.
  • So, you put both in the basket. And then spend the entire shopping trip picking up the items they throw out of the cart.
  • You can put one in the seat and wear the other. And both will cry because brother is doing something different and it just isn't fair. Hold me too! I want down!
  • You can put one in the seat and try and hold the other while pushing the cart and shopping. And all three of you will cry because brother is doing something different. And you can't actually shop, push a cart, and hold a squirming toddler all at the same time. Unless you're an octopus. Maybe an octopus could handle it.
  • You can tandem babywear. This is actually a really great option and I do it a lot. But it isn't practical for really long trips as the boys get bigger. And it certainly isn't practical as I keep getting bigger and more pregnant.
  • You can push a double stroller while pulling a shopping cart. This works. And it doubles as a reason to never need to go to the gym again. It also brings all the crazies in the store over to talk to you. And in the middle of the day the crazies seem to stalk my neighborhood stores.
All of these options are pretty much miserable.
The best option of course is the elusive double unicorn of shopping trips: You find a double shopping cart.**

But not all stores have them! As a rule, I don't shop at stores without double carts. This adds to the reasons I will forever be a Target girl and not a Wal-Mart shopper.
Tripp and Davis in a double shopping cart at Target.
But just because a store has double shopping carts doesn't mean you will get one.
I am so tired of going to the store and not being able to use a double cart because someone with one child is using it. Especially when that one child looks like they are five. Even worse is when I see a six or seven year old running along next to the double cart and the mom is pushing my double unicorn with no child in at all.
More than any other thing at the store, I truly truly hate when I see a parent shopping with one child using one of the four double carts they have. At times like this I wish I was a more confrontational person so I could say something. I also wish I had a better evil eye to give them. Mine isn't scary. More like humiliatingly pathetic.
Double carts aren't just for twins! Any mom shopping with more than one small child needs this. In most families, moms do the shopping. In families with a SAHM, the easiest time to do it is during the day. This means you either pay a sitter to watch the kids or you shop with them. (Think on these two options for a moment. To all the people who call me "brave" for being out with my twins while pregnant, I know that I just smile and nod, but please know that on the inside I desperately want to scream that if someone would watch my kids for free I'd go out without them!) So all moms with multiple young kids are at the store with their multiple kiddos. And need to contain them. In a double shopping cart.
So, if you, dear mom of one walking, talking, five year old, use the double cart, then a mom who needs it, can't.
The easy solution to this: all carts should be double carts!
But until this happens, when you see pregnant ol' me standing at the front of the store holding both of my boys looking exasperated, just know that I am standing their waiting for a double cart.
And in my head I am saying really nasty things to all of the moms who are using them with just one child.
** And no one has cut the straps. WHY?? Why does anyone every cut the straps on a shopping cart? What mean person thinks that's a good idea??? Does this just happen at the stores near me or is double shopping destroying a thing in other places?
A ruined double cart at Kroger.


  1. Your Walmart doesn't carry double carts? Mine does, but they keep them in a different area than the other carts. What I would LOVE is if every store had Costco carts. That's the dream. They can both sit in the seat and the carts aren't too huge to navigate.

  2. I made a deal with my husband that I go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings and he spends some time with our daughter. Not sure if that is something you can consider but it saves my sanity to not have a 19mo who doesn't like to be contained at the grocery store.

  3. Our Walmart has double carts similar to the one you have a picture of. I tend to shop there more than anyone else because they have a functional cart seat also, so I have a space for all 3 of them. Our target only has the ones designed for toddlers so I could never shop there alone until they were much bigger! I'm with you though. When I see a mom with 1 kid and they are using the other seat for a toy or a purse etc, I get very stabby!