Apr 1, 2014

Pregnancy Update -- Viability Day

Today is "V-Day" or Viability Day. It is the day that if this little man made an appearance into the world he would have a better than not chance at survival. He is much better off inside! And that is where he needs to stay for a few more months. But, with excellent medical care, his odds of surviving are slightly higher than his odds of not making it if he were to be born. Obviously, we don't want him born anytime soon because just over 50% odds really aren't that great. But, it is something. And last pregnancy I felt a lot of excitement about this milestone day.
In all reality, I don't feel the excitement about viability day this pregnancy the way I did last time. I think it is because this is (so far and fingers crossed) a low-risk singleton pregnancy with (again so far fingers crossed) no reason I can't go until full-term.
I haven't had the constant nauseating fear that something might go wrong.
I haven't tortured myself with worry.
Obviously last pregnancy I had a lot to worry about and by this point we were already starting our trips to L&D from contractions that wouldn't stop with the traditional at home methods. This time, not even a Braxton Hicks contraction yet. No worries. No concerns. All is well. But it’s nice to know that, if I went into labor today, everyone would do everything possible to make sure my little boy lives.
Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump says that this little baby boy is as big as a cauliflower which seems like a better comparison than BabyCenter which likens him to a rutabaga since I'm not completely sure what a rutabaga is or how big one is. His Boys Can Swim describes this little man as the size of a man's work boot. I'm not sure which man this is since some men have big huge feet and some are much smaller. Hmmm.

We know that this little boy is growing well. Unlike my first pregnancy, I don't get growth scans and ultrasound all the time, but at my appointment last week (at 23w2d) my fundal height measured fine. I didn't ask for the number but my OB wasn't concerned so I assume that means he's fine! I don't have much experience with fundal height since it wasn't used as a primary measure when I was carrying the twins.

Baby Milestones:
Developmental milestones don't change pregnancy to pregnancy so rather than rewrite all of that information, check on this week 25 post from the twins.

Sore back (although much better with muscle relaxers and regular visits to the chiropractor). Nighttime nausea and vomiting (although much better and controlled by medications). Lots of kicking. Constipation - not a symptom I really had with the twins.

How I'm Changing:
This little baby boy and I just keep growing. But as I said in my last update, I just don't even compare to pregnant with twins me. Every bit of me is smaller - my face, my arms, my belly, everything.
23w5d. Then vs Now.
With the twins I had really oily skin and was very prone to breakouts while I was pregnant. I am not having that issue this time thankfully! My skin looks pretty decent - which is a blessing because makeup is a luxury I don't often have time for or else this happens:
My punishment for attempting makeup on Thursday.
What I'm Eating:
No cravings. Only aversion is eggs. For most of this pregnancy I haven't had much of a sweet tooth but it seems to have come back this week. English toffee. Sprinkles cupcakes. Yum.
None right now. Enjoying this miracle pregnancy and excited to add a third little boy to our family!

I'm still taking the anti-nausea medicine most nights and it really does a number on me. I SLEEP when I take it. I mean, I still wake up a few times during e night to go to the restroom, but I am groggy and not myself and fall back asleep quickly for 10-12 hours after taking this little pill. But I'm not throwing up 10-15 times a night. So I really view it as a small price to pay.

Nothing right now.

Belly Button Watch:
Innie. I have high hopes that I made it through my pregnancy with Tripp and Davy with my innie intact and will do so again!

What I'm most excited about:
Well, as I said above, it isn't viability.
Which I would have expected.
I think this week I am most excited about baby's name.
Tripp and Davy weren't named until they were four days old. We arrived at the hospital with a short list of names but hadn't made a decision yet. Charles Casey (Tripp's name) wasn't even on the list. We both liked Davis but didn't know if we should spell it the "American" way of Davis or the way it is spelled in my family (and the more common Scottish spelling) Davies. So, they stayed Pip and Pop the first few days in the hospital.
It seems this little boy won't face the same fate!
I think he has a name. We need to run the middle name by the individual it is after before a final decision is made but it feels so good to have it chosen. And this means I might just be able to order big brother/little brother outfits for them to all wear in the hospital!
That's worth getting excited about!

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