Apr 13, 2014


Saturday morning we went to the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA (LHAECPTA) Easter Egg Hunt and had so so much fun!
The boys wore adorable coordinating shirts from Tres Bien Boutique on Etsy. I haven't done many monogrammed things for them, but these were just too cute! And a bonus, the shop is owned by a local LHAECPTA Mom so I was able to do porch pick up instead of paying for shipping! Sadly, getting a good picture of walking toddlers who really just wanted to carry their buckets around isn't easy!
Apparently, some of the other moms in the babies playgroup practiced playing with eggs before the hunt. I didn't even think to do that! But it didn't matter. As soon as he saw the eggs Tripp was all over it.
And so was Davy.
Both boys loved picking up the eggs and shaking them. Shaking was much more fun than opening! Davy would grab one, shake it, and then toss it. He kept forgetting the put them in your bucket step. Tripp also liked shaking and daddy was smart enough to take a video!
I think Easter Egg Hunting was a hit!
They wandered around the hunt area picking up eggs and flirting for over half an hour! But eventually, Tripp got tired and needed his Daddy.

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  1. First egg hunts are so much fun. Even now Hudson like to hide eggs around the house and see if we can find them. Those shirts are adorable.