Apr 15, 2014

House Tour: Our Family Room

Come on in! Welcome to my family room!
Andrea over at Momfessionals is launching a few new series posts on her blog and I'm excited to play along, especially for house tours.
Looking in at other peoples houses is one of my very very favorite things to do. I think a perfect Sunday afternoon would be spent going to all of the local open houses! Sadly, Casey doesn't agree. He humors me some weekends (what a good husband!) but he thinks you only need to look at houses if you are serious about moving. I totally disagree obviously.
So basically, this post series was designed just for me. A chance to virtually peek into folks houses. Without needing to convince Casey. What could be better?
Before we had kids, we had a nice, well decorated family room. It was a room I really liked. It's perfectly central to our house (which sadly means it doesn't have any windows since it's centered) but it is spacious and really is the heart of our house. When the babies came, this room was occupied by the invading forces.
Baby gear was everywhere. But I told myself it was just a season. We wouldn't need three swings, two bouncers, two playmats, a play arch, floor blankets, and two boppies forever. Once the kids got old enough we would use the sunroom and game room and I could have my family room back.
I was partly right.
As the kids have gotten older we no longer need swings and bouncers, but they still have stuff. Lots of it! And we are using the sunroom and game room more and more for their toys and their playspace. But, none of that means I have my family room back.
The reality is that the room is just too perfectly central to the house to not be full of baby. It is the perfect holding space while I cook since it is right off the kitchen. It works as a play area while I get dressed because it is just a short hallway away from the bedrooms. It is great as a containment space while I load the kids into the car since it is right near the garage. Basically, it is a great containment zone.
So it still has toys. And now gained fencing all the way around! It started with a fence in front of the TV and a fence in front of the fireplace to block off these two danger zones. When they were crawling and pulling up this was sufficient.
Then they started crawling aggressively and fast! And attempting walking. So we had to add a corral.
Now, the fence in front of the fireplace is gone. They understand "no" well enough that I could get rid of that piece (it lives by the front door so we can take it outside and play in the front yard on pretty days!). But the corral and the TV fencing remain.
Every few days I move all of the fence so I can vacuum up the dog fur tumbleweeds. So I took a few pictures, some with and some without the fence.
When you come through my front door,
you pass through a small foyer
and then you see my family room.
This shot gives a good overview of the whole room. It's also the only picture I took that shows the ceiling. When we bought the house, every.single.room. had popcorn ceilings. We had all of them scraped, retextured, and painted and in this room we had them paint the center of the ceiling a pretty chocolate brown. At the time my plan was to paint one wall in the room the same color. I still want to - seven years later!
This is the wall I think would look great in chocolate. And now that I have kids I would love to make it a chalkboard wall. Maybe someday I'll get around to it?
Yes. That is still a decoration from the boys first birthday on the wall.
Three months later.
I just can't bare to take down all of the pictures of my tiny little babies.
These panorama shots help orient you in the room.
The doorway visible in the top photo leads to the sunroom (then through the sunroom you get the addition with the gameroom, office, and media room). In the bottom photo you see the hallway that leads back to the bedrooms. You can also see the foyer table (which is right next to the front door). Across from that table are two double doors that lead to the dining room. To the right of the fireplace is a small hallway that leads to a half bath. Next to that is our laundry room which passes through to the garage and the kitchen. Those spaces are better visible in this shot.
With an adorable dog photobomb!
I used to have a piece of art above the teal console, but it found a better place in a different area of our home. I think that I will turn that area into a "command center" to our family but I haven't done it yet. It's a pretty small wall so I know I'll need to be creative with anything I do.
Also visible in that shot is one of my favorite pieces of art. My sister bought this pencil sketch of my home church and the church we got married in as a wedding present and it means so much to me! I kind of hate the sconces on either side of it, but I'm not ready to redo this wall yet. So they'll suffice! I would absolutely love to find someone to do a pencil sketch of Munger Place Church, the first church Casey and I joined together and the church where our boys were baptized.
First United Methodist Church of McKinney as sketched by Dick McGowan
Here is a better shot of the whole fireplace wall. And a view of my filing system - in an old military trunk.
Ignore the messy trunk. It has my files.
That were recently seriously dug through to find a missing tax doc.
Nothing like waiting until the last minute!
The corner with the television. Because, as we established yesterday the TV has a big place in our lives, we need a big TV. So, yeah.
As I said, my family room will never be overrun by toys. Ha!
And this is a better shot of the art wall.
A few random little pieces I like and an air plant in need of water.
Same wall. Different perspective.
But the room you are seeing just isn't my reality. My reality has a huge fence all the way around it. And is filled with two little boys. And the messes they make. So here is the room about 60 seconds after dropping twin one year olds into it.
And then again thirty minutes later.
The beginning of the toy explosion.
That's what my family room really looks like! At night and at naptime we pick up all the toys and it becomes a calm(er) space again. But during the days, it is filled with toys and books and laughter and squeals.
My two little messes.
And I wouldn't have it any other way!
It is a family room after all.


  1. The chocolate brown ceiling insert is very pretty. I think an accent wall would be georgeous, have you thought about painting the fire place wall, not the brick but just the wall?

    1. There isn't any break in that wall all the way into the kitchen -- which wouldn't work with the dark brown. It's either the back wall or the wall behind the TV. And I keep wavering back and forth between them -- probably why it's been seven years and I've done nothing!

  2. That sketch of the church is awesome and what a special gift! I have to say, too, that the patchword overalls on the boys in that pic are just DARLING! Would love for you to join the Easter basket blog hop starting tomorrow! Details on the blog :)

  3. I would totally go to open houses, too. Glad I'm not the only one.

  4. I love your fireplace, ceilings and décor...adorable twins too :)

  5. Replies
    1. Rory is an Alaskan Klee Kai. She is related to the husky and malamute but a whole whole lot smaller. She spent most of her life as a 7.5lb dog but in the last year has gained like .5lb from eating the food the babies throw!

  6. That is a gorgeous fireplace! And the munchkins are just as cute as a button. :)

  7. I remember those days with my twins. The entire house is full of baby stuff and I wouldn't have it any other way.Love your family room and your boys are adorable!