Apr 11, 2014

Five on Friday

As you can tell from the blogging that has happened (or more realistically, the blogging that has not happened) this week has been a doozy. So a short quick Friday update is right up my alley.
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I have absolutely no idea where I found this. But I saved it to my photo stream the other day. Huge fail that I didn't mark down a source! Anyway. I love it. And think it so perfectly describes parenting littles! I want this framed in my house!
Dissertation Factoid of the week:
The poor and near poor are less educated than the middle and upper incomes. How many of you are saying duh! right now? But the extent to which this is true is really really surprising! A large majority (71.83%) of the poor and near poor possess a high school diploma but no college diploma (either no or only some college). For folks in the middle and upper incomes, the majority have a college degree at a minimum (54.89% possess a college diploma or post graduate education). Looked at from a different perspective, only 2.86% of the total respondents in the survey my dissertation utilizes reported having no high school diploma, however of those 90.19% are poor or near poor as seen in this pretty picture. This graphic builds toward one of the tenets of my dissertation: financial bifurcation exists in America and to think of financial choices as "good" or "bad" doesn't take the two very different financial Americas into account.
Paying off college and graduate school loans might really suck,
but the education is worth it!
The boys are going to their first Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning, which means I needed to stop delaying the Easter basket decision. As I posted when I talked about filling a one year olds Easter basket (dairy free style), I eventually want to get nice woven baskets with personalized liners, but I don't want to choose something for the twins this year and then not be able to find a coordinate for the new little guy so I'm holding off on that purchase. Instead, I picked up these two metal pails at Target and added names last night. I think they will work great for the boys first Easter AND they can use them to play after the holiday since they weren't Easter specific. I'm pretty pleased with them. I also love that they are the same, but not.
I'm spending my evenings pinning ideas and scouring etsy to design a nursery. I've made a lot of decisions so far! I have a theme: trains (transportation with an emphasis on trains actually). I chose a "color" for this baby. Tripp is green. Davis is blue. This little guy is going to be red/orange. Originally he was going to be red, but Zoli Cups don't come in red! And then it turns out the red in my chosen fabric is actually more of a red/orange than a red. So he gets both colors. Moving on. I chose fabric and I ordered sheets and a quilt off of etsy. The sheets are here but I won't have the quilt until the end of April. We have a crib and have someone to paint it. I need to choose a color but it will probably be a shade of blue. We don't have a dresser yet. I want one similar in style to the one in the boys room and haven't come across it yet! I have started collecting accessories and art. And by collecting I mean I've found one very small thing. Lots still to go! I'll do a full post on nursery plans with a design board and such soon! I'll also work on putting all of the pictures of the boys nursery into a post on how their room turned out! It's probably about time for that huh?
But along the lines of the nursery.... I posted this photo yesterday and I'm still looking for input. Thoughts?
Could it work?
I love poufs!
My boys love sitting on and playing on poufs.
I'd love to have two poufs in the nursery.
But could this one work?
In the lighting of my kitchen I'm leaning yes...

I don't consider myself a particularly germaphobic mom. I can't be. I have two little boys. I pop pacifiers in my own mouth to clean them off and move on. I didn't sanitize bottles after every use. Or even weekly. But, yesterday I found myself hand washing 4 dozen plastic eggs before I filled them because I just wasn't sure they were sanitary enough to fill with food. I am considering this a new mothering low.


  1. I think your poof will coordinate nicely with your fabric as long as they are not right on top of each other in the room. I too have washed the plastic eggs. I thought they smelled too much like plastic to put food in.

    1. I'm pretty decided the pouf stays! I just need to pull the blackout curtains out of the closet and make sure it works with them.

  2. I think the pouf matches. I'm coming out of lurkdom to tell you that I've been following for awhile and I found you because I googled my obgyn and I guess we have the same one?!? Anyway, I really enjoy your blog. Happy weekend!

    1. Oh how fun! Dr H is the very very best! I seriously love her and her whole family!