Apr 9, 2014

Finish This

I'm feeling a lot better than I did over the weekend, but I'm still under the weather (read: pregnant. and sick.) and haven't had time to take/upload all of the pictures for the planned posts for this week.  Since I am clearly behind on blogging and haven't finished any of my promised posts, I decided to join up with a "Finish This" Link Up today.  I love a blog post that is laid out for me already!

I have been following @TheJavaMama on twitter and reading her blog since I met her in September at a launch party for Dr.Smith's Diaper Cream.  She's a pretty neat lady and one of the hosts of this link up!

On Saturday morning, I usually: Sleep in a bit while my husband wakes up with the babies. He makes breakfast on Saturdays - usually pancakes.  Although I'm really craving French Toast so I might need to put in my special request for this weekend. I'm really spoiled! I *try* to have the house in decent order and laundry in okay shape so that we can spend Saturday together as a family rather than needing to clean. Sometimes together as a family means errands though - because doing errands with two babies in tow is NOT easy. 

I feel beautiful when: My husband notices the time I put in. Which isn't most days.  I am a horrible mom cliché and spend a lot of days in my yoga pants. And I don't do yoga.

I wake up every morning: And take a bit of time for myself to read the Bible, catch up on blogs, and occasionally even read a fiction book. I have great intentions of getting out of bed and doing all of this in the sunroom with a cup of tea, but most mornings I curl up in bed for my morning pre-baby wake-up routine.

A Happy Home is: filled with laughter and messes and truth and love. We have dishes in the sink. We need to buy more laundry baskets because all of the ones I own are filled with clean folded clothes and I can't find one to use to pull things out of the dryer. We have dog fur tumbleweeds that pile up (no matter how many times a day I vacuum).  But our house is filled with laughter and love and the acceptance that none of us are perfect but our intentions are always good.

When I have down time, I: forget!  It has been so long since I've had downtime!  I guess my downtime is my mornings when I take my time with God.  And then the evenings after the boys go to bed when I completely pass out in front of the television.



  1. I don't have a dog, but I don't vacuum nearly enough and that's why there is an adorable dust bunny family currently taking up residence in the corner of the living room .... BUT our home is happy and filled with love and laughter and you're welcome anytime! Thanks for joining the link up, hope to see you back next week. =)

    1. Thanks! If the dust bunnies still stay contained to their corners, you're in good shape!

  2. You need to come over and we can have coffee sometime....there you go...DOWN TIME! ha ha! Seriously. Some days I wish I could wear yoga pants all day....I'd probably never take them off. So glad you linked up and love reading about you and your fam. xoxo Becky

    1. Thanks! Yum...coffee! Add that to a long long list of things I miss!