Apr 17, 2014

Citrus Lane Review

I have blogged before about our monthly subscription to Citrus Lane, a company that sends a surprise box of baby goodies each month. In fact, the first month we subscribed a did a post all about it. We have been introduced to some great new brands through Citrus Lane.



In the past 10 months we have had months where I have been in love with our box and everything in it. We have had months I felt less than impressed. It is close to time for us to renew our subscription, so I am taking some time today to evaluate this months box and the value proposition.


This month we received:



  • Race Car from Green Toys. We have a few toys from Green Toys and love all of them we have. They are designed to be easy for little hands to hold, are made from all recycled materials, are free of BPA and external coatings, and make for good old-fashioned play. I appreciate that it isn't a battery operated light up thing and instead makes me kids imagine and play. We have two simple cars the boys got for Christmas and both boys will drive them around and move vroom vroom noises. So cute! Like those cars, this looks plain, durable, and fun. Another car for our collection is a welcome addition. This is something that we might have bought ourselves if we hadn't received in a box so that's a check for the value proposition of the subscription. This car is available from Amazon for $6.29.
  • Snack bowls from Green Eats. This set of four snack sized bowls seem nice and well made. Like the toy, they are a high quality plastic made from recycled materials. However, we have a lot of bowls. And I wouldn't spend any money on more little bowls. So, while these look like really great bowls, I'm not sure how much value they add to our family. My particular complaint is they are small bowls really designed for a newborn so in their age specific boxes I'm not sure why my 15 month olds received these. The color we received sells for $10.06 on Amazon (so I used that price) but other colors are as low as $9.04.
  • Who's in the Garden peek a boo book from Barefoot Books. This book looks adorable and I can't wait to read it to the boys! It is illustrated by one of our favorites, Jill McDonald, who also designed the bedding in the twins dinosaur nursery. I just love her whimsical style. This book is colorful and fun with an easy story and fun (mom added) sound effects. I think this will be a favorite. It sells on Amazon for $11.61 and I always think books are a great thing to receive. You can never have too many books and reading to toddlers is so very important!
  • A sample of Mrs. Meyers Soap. Mrs. Meyers is a great brand and I'm sure we will like the soap, but I receive no value from getting samples of products. Samples are given away free by companies and I feel like I was cheated every time I get a sample size product in my paid subscription box. That said, this soap sells for $0.50/oz in the 16oz bottle so I assigned $1.00 for calculations sake.
  • A free card from www.treat.com. I can't decide how I feel about this one. If I remember to use it, this is adorable and easily worth $1.99. But, I have to remember to go online and order a card using the code they provided. No guarantee I'll do that! It remains to be seen if this is a good deal for our family.


So the total dollar value of this months Citrus Lane box is $30.95. Of that I think $17.90 is money we would have spent otherwise. When I signed up, I paid $19/month. So this month, it came up short in delivering products I know we will use and love. But, if I do buy the card it works out. And if we end up getting our $1 out of the travel size soap that helps too.


Sadly, prices have gone up and if I renew I will pay $21/month for a 6 month subscription. At that price I just don't now if we will renew. I have three months to decide!


If you would like to subscribe to Citrus Lane, use my link and you get 50% off of your first month and I get $20 in credits so I can try it out for one more month!



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    1. I have to say we never tried Citrus Lane so I can't speak to their boxes. Before I sign up for something like that I ask myself what else I could do with the money. So 6 months at 21 a month is around $130. If there is something else you would rather have for that money don't renew and get that something else.