Apr 4, 2014

A Little of This...

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I feel like this week has been a huge week for my boys. They are blossoming into toddlers. Babyhood seems to be ending. I'm not ready for this! Tripp took his first steps a while ago, but last Thursday afternoon he decided steps were no longer just a fun party trick and he would walk as a mode of transportation. We haven't been able to stop him. He is a boy on the go! My goal for the weekend is to try and get a photo of him. He's moving so much I keep missing the moments!
Not such little babies anymore.
Dissertation Update: As y'all know, I am currently working on Chapter 4, which with the organization of my dissertation is the meat and potatoes of my research. I have created all of my models (although they aren't all formatted and pretty to plop into the paper) and know what my results are, so now I am in the process of writing them all up. I won't bore you with the details every week, but I want to really try and educate folks about the use of fringe banking. So a little factoid.
The poor and the near poor (technically defined as families making up to 400% of the poverty line or approximately $40,000 but, to conform to the available data, in this instance referring to households making less than $50,000 annually) comprise approximately 1/2 the population but make up 3/4 of the users of fringe banking! But, people from ALL income levels (even the very wealthy) admit to using alternative financial products.
I am fascinated by reader statistics on my blog and am sometimes really disappointed that my very favorite posts don't get read very many times. So here are two posts from the past few weeks that I love but have been overlooked. Both have a quarter the typical number of hits for a post. I wonder what made these less interesting to click and read?
Since I'm working REALLY hard to get my dissertation written before this little guys arrival, nursery prep hasn't been at the top of my radar. And Casey is really stepping up to fill the gaps. He was thinking this pregnancy left him in charge of chalk painting the china hutch we bought in the fall (so we can get our china out of the gameroom cabinet and start using those for toys!) and refinishing the crib. We have finally admitted that we need defeat and have hired someone to do the painting. It will be a few weeks until she gets to our pieces (and so even longer until they are done) but I know Casey and I both felt a lot of relief to have this off our plates. I think our next step might be to hire an organizer to come and help us get the two offices combined. I can't believe how much STUFF has accumulated in them both!
Basketball season is over for our beloved Mustangs. We would have loved to see it end differently (NIT Champions would have been nice!) but I am so proud to call myself a Mustang. The team spirit and pride that has built these past few months has been energizing to watch. Casey and I have had football season tickets every year since we graduated but we are seriously considering basketball tickets for next year. Who wants to babysit?
My men watching SMU in the NIT.
The SMU class of 2035 looks pretty cute!


  1. I will come organize your office. I seem to have no problem helping others organize, it is my own stuff I tend to put off. I love the matching SMU onesies.

    1. I USED to be organized. And then I got lazy and the junk drawer became a junk closet became a whole room of chaos! I was lucky the onesies fit -- we have lots of good 6-9m stuff from football season and I've bought a few 24m and 2t things for next football season. I didn't buy 12 or 18m though. I obviously wasn't prepared for a breakout basketball season! Luckily the boys are small and still fit in the 6-9m!