Mar 28, 2014

Twin Mom Essentials

I get asked a lot what items I can't live without as a twin mom. And after calling dry shampoo a twin mom essential the other day, I got number of requests for what I consider essential. I have to say that in the newborn days this list would have looked very differently. Everything on it now was on it then, plus nursing supplies (like my best friend (The Medela Symphony rental), and the My Breast Friend Pillow), our BabyBjorn Babysitter Chairs, Wubbanubs (actually those are still essential...for my sanity and theirs!), etc. But right now at this age, their aren't many essentials on my list. Five in fact. So - I am linking up today with A. Liz Adventures , Hello! Happiness, The Good Life Blog and Carolina Charm for my first Five on Friday post!
We go through a lot of these. A lot. I chose to use cloth diapers and seriously love them. (Post on why and what we bought. Post on out first month and reviews of a few brands. Post on our laundry routine.) Our favorite diapers by far are Best Bottom Diapers. I really should do another brand review now that we are a year in (and once again buying cloth diapers so we have enough for three (eeek!) babies under 18 months. Anyway... We did a two week period in disposables when the boys were fighting a horrible diaper rash to see if cloth diapers were contributing (they weren't) and both Casey and I were SO ready to return to cloth at the end! Cloth were less smelly. Cloth were less gross. (I am ooged out by the swelling that occurs in a disposable diaper.) Cloth is easier on the boys clothes --- WAY FEWER blowouts. Way fewer. Yes, I have to do diaper laundry. But, it's easy laundry that I throw in at night before bed and doesn't need pulled out of dryer because who cares if it wrinkles! And who can resist a cloth diaper butt!
This will forever be a favorite picture!

Dry Shampoo

Because who has time to shower every day? Or even every other? I live by the four day hair cycle but umm sometimes I want to leave the house in the middle of that. So dry shampoo. Seriously. Life saving. For more on dry shampoo read this full post from last week.

Choice your poison (I reviewed the ones we own earlier this week and we do have favorites) but babywearing is essential! Without it, I don't know how I would soothe both boys. I don't know how I would transport both boys (hello tandem carries!). I don't know how I would get anything done!
BabyWearing at The State Fair of Texas

I was completely unprepared for how isolating being a mom would be.

I knew things would change.

I underestimated how drastically.

We have friends we have barely seen since I got pregnant. Almost two years! These friends are probably now just acquaintances, sadly. But, we haven't made new friends to replace them. Making friends feel scary and hard. I'm really good at acquaintances and small talk. I'm not very good at taking relationships to the next level.

But ignoring the weekend social life, I spend everyday with the twins. Many days we don't leave the house. And when we do it's not easy, because beyond just having kids, I have twins. And so, I have been left out of play dates with local moms because I have twins and "it would be too difficult." And while they might be right, I'd rather make that choice myself!

So, social media is my outlet. I have made some amazing friends on twitter and consider them my go to resource for advice. I am a member of a really great and non-judgmental group on Facebook for moms of twins born in 2013. These ladies on twitter and Facebook are my outlet. They are my human contact on days we can't leave. They are my sounding board. They are my sanity. They probably really have no idea just how much they mean to me. But seriously, there are days they are my only adult contact. Especially with how much Casey works and travels.
And sadly, they all live too far away. Social media isn't a substitute for knowing people IRL (in real life) and having a friend to walk the mall with or grab a cup of coffee with. And that's not even taking account how desperately I need a girls night out. It's been years! So, despite considering these girls my lifelines I am working hard to get to know more folks in Dallas through my MOPS group and my local early childhood PTA (LHAECPTA).

This one is pretty self explanatory. And doesn't work so well for the pregnant mama. Not well at all. So drink a glass (or five) for me tonight!
Stomping grapes in Napa on our five year anniversary trip.

What is on your list of mom essentials?
Other contenders for my list:
Hot tea.
Caffeinated beverages (coffee, soda, Sonic Rt 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper)
Baby fences.
BabyBjorn BabySitter Chairs
A Good Stroller (love my City Select)
My Breast Friend (Tandem breastfeeding pillow. As I said above, this would have been top of the list two months ago when I was still nursing!!)


  1. Excellent post! Couldn't agree more!!

  2. Who are these moms you know who would turn down a twin playdate because it would be "too difficult?" In what way, "too difficult?" This just baffles me! Also, the shaming of having a c-section? I mean, really? Who would do that? I feel bad for you :( Come to KS and we can have a playdate!

    1. I have had a few play dates I've chosen not to go on because the logistics of two babies just didn't work --- like I skipped the day at the pumpkin farm because I just didn't know how I would deal with the hay ride and such. The one I wasn't invited to was to the aquarium - I'm not sure how two babies are harder there since I have a double stroller!

      I've actually never been to KS. I mean I've driven through -- and spent the night a few times. But never actually visited and explored!