Mar 5, 2014

The Boys Names:

Back when the boys were born, I wasn't sure I would ever share their names on the blog. Then I did. I claimed it was temporary (even posted temporary in the blog post title) but then I started using their names on the blog.  So much for temporary! Later, I promised a post on their names, and I never delivered.

Now that we are searching for a name for baby boy three the significance and meaning of the twins names is at the forefront of my thoughts. So, a long awaited post!

The boys names are all family names from people who Casey and I love dearly.


Charles Casey "Tripp" Cass

Tripp looked just like his daddy from the moment he was born and we just knew he was going to be named after Casey. We chose to swap the order though, so instead of Casey Charles, he is Charles Casey.
Charles Cass is Casey's grandfather who passed away when Casey was 13. Grandpa Charles was a huge influence on Casey and not a day goes by that I don't hear stories about the farm in Paris, riding four wheelers, and Grandpa Charles-isms. (I can't be the only person who truly doesn't understand the phrase "so good it could make a jack rabbit hug a hound" can I?) It felt right to honor him in this way.
We love the traditional sound of Charles, but it is such a big name for a little baby that we needed to decide what to call him. We went through the "common" Charles nicknames (Charlie, Chuck, Chuckie) pretty quickly and none felt right. Then we branched out to some of the less common (Chip, Cash, Chas, Chaz). Chas/Chaz sounded too similar to Casey's middle brothers name so that was out. Casey has a bad connotation for Chip (someday I'll have to get him to share the story!) so that was out. We fairly seriously considered Cash and spent a lot of time saying Cash Cass and feeling unsure because the sounds were so similar. Then we were talking about Casey's nicknames - he was Triple Threat during his high school tennis days. I'm sure a story exists that ties that into tennis but I don't know it, but it was also for his three Cs. Tripp stuck! He isn't the third, but he is the third Charles. And he has three perfect Cs in a row!
I have to confess that when the two of us are rocking, especially as he gets older, I find myself calling him Charles more and more though. I just love the name so much and want him to know that he is Tripp and he is Charles.
Charles: a royal name; "a man"

Davis Donald Cass

So Tripp was named after the Cass family, while Davy was named for my side.
Davies is my mom's maiden name. We chose to use the "Americanized" spelling of Davis rather than the Scottish Davies so that people wouldn't have pronunciation issues with his name. Donald Miller is my Dad who passed away July 7, 2003. I was 18 at the time. This was right after Casey and I started dating so Casey never had the opportunity to get to know him well. We had been dating for just a few months, but already my dad had told me he approved of Casey! My dad is still a huge influence in my life and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. He was an amazing father, a fantastic man, and a great Christian role model. I am so fortunate to have been raised by such a loving man. Donald is also my brother's first name. I struggled a lot with wether I wanted to use Donald in tribute to my Dad because I felt like it was my brother's name to use. He has two gorgeous daughters and no plans for future children, but I still felt like it was his. I'm not sure what shifted over the course of the pregnancy, but by the end I really wanted to use it. I think part of the shift was a realization that while Donald is my brother's legal name, he has been and always will be Dejay.
The nickname for Davis was pretty simple and so Davy it is!
Davis: "beloved"; a form of David

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