Mar 17, 2014

St. Patricks Day what?

Today my Facebook feed literally blew up with cute St. Patrick's Day outfits, green desserts and drinks, homemade Irish fare, Pinterest inspired crafts, decorations that make my head spin, green leprechaun prints leading to pots of gold and leprechaun traps and other holiday hoopla.
For St Paddy's Day??
When did this become a thing all the moms do? Do I just know the wrong moms? The serious overachieving moms of babies? Or is this an expectation now? When did moms start doing all this work for non holidays? When did celebrating everything to the nines become a thing? When did wearing a green shirt stop being enough?
Thank goodness my kids are too young to be in on this because my underachieving status would be all too obvious. I'm 100% okay with my underachievement. Because my kids are ONE. And they don't care about any of this. All of the fancy I saw on Facebook was done by moms for moms. It wasn't done for your one or two year old. (The few moms I know with kids 3+ get a pass because your kids might get it. But even then - WHY turn every tiny day into something so big?)

To add to my frustration about this non-holiday infatuation, I am now seeing the nighttime mamas posting on twitter and Facebook beating themselves up that they didn't do more. Mamas: YOU DID ENOUGH!!! Even if you did nothing.

So, for all the underachievers out there: St Paddy's Day at my house.
In my house, no one had a special leprechaun shirt. Because I refuse to spend $20 (x2) on a holiday shirt to wear once. I feel sort of ripped off by the cost of their first birthday shirts (which I've made them wear again even though they say one!) and that's a FIRST BIRTHDAY! No way am I ordering adorable etsy shirts with green clovers for St Paddy's. They did wear coordinating outfits yesterday - which meant Davy was in blue and Tripp was in green. So I got it half right?

In my house, their were no fancy dyed green drinks or desserts. And it isn't because we are so healthy we don't use food dye. It's because they are ONE. And they just don't know the difference. And I worry enough about their diet and total calories consumed (they are still underweight) and adding food dye isn't going to help get more calories in them. They did eat a green pear and green beans and applesauce from a green pouch. So that's a win right? I could have made them a smoothie - they really like green smoothies. But I didn't. Maybe next year I'll step up my game and make sure I have spinach for a green smoothie on St Patricks Day. But probably not. Because they will still only be TWO!

In my house, we are eating lasagna tonight. Because I'm in a lot of pain and a lasagna is easy. And spends most of its time in the oven where I don't have to worry about it. And the boys will have grilled chicken because lasagna isn't dairy free. And grilled chicken is already made for them and in the fridge. And I know they eat chicken (underweight remember?). I could have made Irish Stew. I have a really good crock pot recipe. But the ingredients weren't on sale at my local grocery store and meal plans are based on the advertised circular. So no stew. I'll take responsibility for this fail. The babies like Irish Stew and I could have at least done this much. But I didn't. Underachieving.

In my house, we don't do crafts yet. Because they are ONE. And would rather eat a crayon than color with it. And while yes I could put their footprint on something and paint around it, that's a craft for me not them. And WHY?!? When they are old enough to color a rainbow we might do a craft for the holiday. But until then, why the pressure for moms to do all the work on a craft the kid doesn't care about? Are you really planning on saving that footprint leprechaun forever? Because I can promise your 30 year old son isn't going to jump for joy when you give him a stack of infant art.

In my house, we had no decorations. For those who know me, this one is actually surprising. I love decorating my house! And I have tubs of decor for every holiday in the attic. But I'm pregnant. And chasing two mobile babies. I can't go in the attic when they are awake because, mobile babies. And I can't go in the attic when they are asleep because it is loud right by the nursery to open the attic pull down stairs. So I have to decorate on the weekends when Casey is home. And I have chosen to enjoy my weekends with my babies and my husband instead of decorating. I have also been throwing up most every night and so weekends are for sleeping while Casey watches the boys. I have big plans for my Easter decorations though! So stay tuned!

In my house we had no leprechaun who left dirty footprints for me to clean up. We didn't search for the pot of gold. We didn't set a leprechaun trap. And I know nothing else about this "tradition" so no more commentary.

So basically, in my house today was a day. The boys played with their grandparents. They napped. They ate three meals and a snack (or two). They went outside. They got a lot of clean diapers. It was a Monday. Not a holiday.
Snack time with Papa.
Thank goodness for amazing Grandparents who came to help out while I'm incapacitated!

As I said, I'm completely okay with my underachieving. And since it was just a Monday I don't have any fancy special pictures to go along with this post even! But here are the boys enjoying snack time with their Papa.
Edit: No, I am not a total Grinch. I go all out for real holidays.
Edit: Yes, we are Irish actually. My grandmothers maiden name is Shay. Very Irish.
Edit: I am not judging moms who love this stuff. Although I might be confused as to why it goes on Facebook and blogs with questions about what the other mommy's of one year olds did. I get having fun with your older kids who understand. Heck, I'll probably be making some green dairy-free cupcakes when my boys are old enough to enjoy them! My concern is why this is starting in my babies groups!


  1. I totally agree...I can't see buying a shirt or outfit they are just going to wear for one day! When they are older I will probably make green pancakes or something like that, because it's cute. I think of this as more of a holiday for singles and younger excuse to drink green beer!

  2. I agree that Facebook/Pinterest is a little out of hand. However, next year you might find yourself helping the boys potato stamp cards for their grandparents or using their safety scissors to cut out shamrocks from construction paper. Two years old is tons of fun on these little holidays.

    Think of it more as fine motor skill training than memory making. And mail is a fascinating thing for a two year old, both sending and get ready to mail off their creations to unsuspecting relatives. Trust me, both the boys and your family will love it!.