Mar 11, 2014

My First Pregnancy Update 2.0 Edition

When I was pregnant with the twins, I wrote a weekly pregnancy update with how I was changing, feeling, etc. I'm 21 weeks along today and it seems like it's as good a time as any to start documenting! I love going back and reading what was going on the first time. I can compare to how I feel now. Remind myself that things are normal. Read ahead to see what's coming. I don't think I'll ever have a third pregnancy to need to go back and read this, but you never know! I certainly didn't think pregnancy two would be so quick on the heels of pregnancy one. A good reminder that even with all the medical knowledge and technology we have, this family expansion stuff isn't in our hands!
Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump says that this little baby boy is the size of a pomegranate. BabyCenter and His Boys Can Swim both make comparisons to length this week instead of weight and say that in this baby boy is as long as a carrot and beer bottle, respectively. We do know that this little fellow is growing well! We got a peek of him at an ultrasound at 19w2d and he already had an estimated weight of 12oz! This puts him in the roughly 90th percentile for weight. Big, healthy baby boy!
(This growing a big baby thing is consistent with the boys size at this point in that pregnancy. I had an ultrasound with them at 21w5d and they were in the 95th and 97th percentile.)

Baby Milestones:
Developmental milestones don't change pregnancy to pregnancy so rather than rewrite all of that information, check on this week 21 post from the twins.

Tired. Nighttime nausea and vomiting. Sore back. Really sore like just sitting can hurt sore back.

How I'm Changing:
I feel like I'm looking really big. But then I look back at this time last pregnancy and realize I'm not big at all! In fact, most of my maternity clothes from the twins is pretty much useless for me. The pants won't stay up and the shirts just swallow me. I've bought a few new pieces for this pregnancy and hopefully they are enough because I hate the idea of spending money on MORE maternity clothes. It is nice that I'm smaller this time though. In fact, right now at 21w I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with the twins (thank you IVF and other fertility treatment weight!).
Pregnancy at 21w - then vs now

What I'm Eating:
Pretty much anything works. I'm not feeling picky. I'm also having no cravings at all. And my only aversion is the smell of eggs. And grease. I feel like the nighttime nausea and vomiting is worse if I eat a greasy or fattening dinner. So I'm trying to keep dinners fairly light and get my calories in at breakfast and lunch.

Throwing up almost every single night. But, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I think we have hit on a drug combo that it treating it well. Whatever it is.

Before the anti-nausea drugs I was getting 3ish hours a night and spending the rest of the night sick. Now I am sleeping. And need it. The one pill makes me super groggy within about two hours of taking it. And I don't feel myself until 11-12 hours after taking it. I have started taking it as soon as the boys go to bed around 7 so that it wears off before they need to wake up.

Nothing right now! I'm honestly feeling really good!

Belly Button Watch:
Innie. I have high hopes that I made it through my pregnancy with Tripp and Davy with my innie intact and will do so again!

What I'm most excited about:
We have started work on the nursery. And by work I mean buying a few items. The next step is getting my office and craft space cleaned out and organized so it can become our office. (So that Casey's office can become the guest room and the guest room can become the new babies room.) We started on that last week and it is currently in the worse before better stage. Hmph.
I also feel like I am making some really good progress on my dissertation. I'm feeling hopeful (hopefully not naively so) that I can have the writing complete before the baby is born. Because of the timing and my committees schedules I can't defend until fall, after he arrives.

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