Mar 20, 2014

March Favorite Things

Today I am linking up with the lovely Andrea at Momfessionals (who I knew in high school and learned was a blogger via Facebook. It's so fun seeing her precious family come to life on her blog!) and Erika at A Little Bit of Everything for their monthly Favorite Things Party.
I looked at my amazon wish list and recent orders and here is my favorite thing this month.
Dry shampoo is seriously one of my favorite things ever. Ever! I. Could. Not. Survive life with twins without this. Because as much as I would like to, showering doesn't happen everyday. And even days I shower, I don't always have time To wash and dry my hair. Because as much as I would like to, styling my hair doesn't happen everyday. And on days I don't have much time, dry shampoo is a fast way to give life and body back to my hair. I also asked around on my twin moms board (because who has less time for hair washing than a group of moms with twin babies?! We're all experts!) to get opinions of favorite brands to share with you!

Like a good shampoo or a brush, what works for someone else's hair might not work for you. It might take 3-4 tries to find one you love. A lot depends on the color, texture, oiliness, and how you are styling your hair. But, you will eventually love dry shampoo. I promise.

And if you are a twin mom, dry shampoo is a twin mom essential!


My Favorites:

I typically use this one by Oscar Blandi that I originally found at Ulta (but now order on Amazon. Because I buy everything at Amazon). I'm not in love with the price, but I do love that it is a spray not a powder and so it doesn't leave remnants showing in your hair. It also great for adding volume.

It's not under $10 though.
Whomp. Whomp.

But this one is!
If I am going to stay around the house I use this one by Tresemme that I can pick up at my second home, Target. It gets the job done but doesn't leave my hair as easily to style as the Oscar Blandi does. But it is A LOT less expensive which I appreciate. Because we are trying to save for three kids to be in therapy and go to college around here. Oh and the grocery bill for the insatiables. So, less expensive is good!

Other suggestions from The Twin Super Mommies:

  • Lush (powder not a spray)
  • Batiste (less than $10 and comes in lots of yummy scents)
  • Suave Professionals (this one was suggested as someone's favorite, but I have to add that I've tried it and wasn't impressed. Maybe it works better for your hair texture) -- available at WalMart
  • Umberto (spray it at night so it has time to blend or it will leave your hair white)
  • Dove (got a few votes. This one is sold at my local Target but always seems to be sold out!)
  • Rockaholics (another more expensive brand)
  • Kevin Murphy (another more expensive brand)
  • Got2be Rockin' It

Ones that received on or more negative comment:

  • Suave Professionals
  • Pssst!

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