Mar 31, 2014

Labor Story

When I wrote my C-Section thoughts on Thursday, I declared that I was finally going to sit down and finish a post on my labor story. I actually enjoy reading birth stories from other moms, so it's pretty sad it took me 14 months to write this!
January 11: My water broke around 10:00AM so we headed to labor and delivery. I was 33w1d pregnant.
Actually, this makes my water breaking sound so uneventful. But honestly, I didn't realize what was happening. I felt something weird and then I was damp.
I was laying in bed reading a book and I was damp. Reflect on that for a moment.
And now that you're properly disturbed, I'll continue.
So, I immediately got up to go to the restroom absolutely horrified that for no reason at all I had just peed my pants. I had heard that pregnant women would pee when they coughed or laughed, but so far I had avoided that horrible fate. And I didn't remember laughing. But I was damp. So obviously I had peed. And hadn't even realized it. But, when I stood it up, it just kept leaking. And it never stopped. Maybe not pee. I had a suspicion my water had broken. I didn't have a giant gush like on television. I didn't hear the pop like other moms I've talked to. I just started leaking.
Text to my OB.
Who responded that I needed to head into L&D.
I called Casey and said. "Casey, you need to come home. I'm packing our bags" and hung up on him. So that I could finish packing obviously! I've never gotten much of a response from him on my total lack of phone etiquette. Luckily, he wasn't too upset! Also luckily, I had started packing a few nights prior and so had most of our things gathered and all of the things for the babies packed up.
The babies bag all packed.
With things we barely used due to NICU restrictions.
The drive from Dallas to McKinney was pretty uneventful. I wasn't having contractions, but I was having cramping very low near my cervix (where Tripp's head was). Casey and I were able to chat and talk during the 30 minute drive. I was completely calm. Completely unconcerned. No pain. I had no clue what was in store for us.
Once at the hospital, I was put into a triage room. It felt like we hung out in triage forever waiting for the nurses to decide what to do with us. (In reality it wasn't that long). At around 1:30 (3.5 hours after my water broke), I was put on magnesium sulfate to slow the contractions and given steroids to help develop the boys lungs. At this point they moved me to a L&D suite. The steroids come in two doses given 24 hours apart. It takes a full 48 hours to get a complete dose of the steroids and I was adamant that I was getting all 48 hours. It was best for the babies so that was what we were doing. End of story.
Settling in to my room.
For my time in L&D I wasn't able to eat or drink. I could chew ice chips. That's it. I wasn't supposed to be allowed to stand for any reason. So, they needed to insert a catheter. But, it left me screaming and writhing in pain. So, bedpans. And that's enough on that subject. I laid elevated in bed hooked up to monitors and IVs. And incubated. The plan was to keep me there as long as possible. And as I said, I had already determined that 48hrs was my minimum.
At this point, I was scared. I knew it was too early. I knew the boys weren't ready.
Not long after switching rooms, the contractions got stronger. They were coming fairly rapidly (Casey tells me every 4ish minutes but I don't remember). Friday night was a really long night. I don't remember much of it.
January 12: I have a few memories of Saturday, but for the most part it is a blur. I was still having painful contractions through Saturday afternoon. I also felt like my blood was boiling inside my body. The nurses would give me pain medication and it immediately (as in within 3-4 minutes) put me to sleep for an hour or so. When I would wake up I would have 30-45 minutes of lucidity. I was able to do a crossword puzzle with my mom. Casey and I snuck a picture in. Casey says we watched a football game. I don't remember it. At some point during the day I was "with it" enough to write a full blog post about the first half of our hospital stay (so my immediate thoughts about my water breaking, the magnesium, the catheter, etc). I varied between crying that the babies had to come out and adamantly stating they couldn't come yet because they needed the steroids. Saturday evening I was doing better, but Saturday night was downhill. Actually, Saturday night was downright awful.
Smiling on Saturday during a moment of lucidity.

January 13: By Sunday morning, the magnesium sulfate was working great so I wasn't having contractions and I was no longer in constant pain. My blood was still boiling, but even that didn't seem to be bothering me as much. Once the 48 hours of steroids was completed I was taken off of the magnesium sulfate.
From that point forward, whatever happened happened. It was up to my body and the babies. I was having very low pressure near Tripp's head that felt contraction-ish but it wasn't being picked up by the monitor and everyone was telling me that the contractions had stopped. I felt at peace and blogged as much midday on Sunday.
Later, I thought the contractions were picking up and told my nurse. She said the monitor still didn't see anything. I knew the boys had been doing acrobatics and I wasn't sure the monitor was placed in the right location and told that to the nurse. She told me I was fine. I tried to argue, but no one would listen to me. Including my nurse who continued to tell me of course I wasn't contracting because the monitors didn't see it. I was ignored.
My family started talking about leaving the hospital for dinner and I told Casey not to go because the babies were coming.
No one believed me. I was ignored.
Once I was asleep, Casey left for dinner with his parents. My mom stayed with me. Before Casey had even managed to order, he got a phone call that I was having a c-section in 20 minutes and he needed to get back. All of that low pressure I had been talking about had pushed Tripp even further down and he was at station 2. It was time for babies. I had been right all along! They all believed me now.
At this point all of the magnesium and pain killers were out of my system and I was completely coherent so the memories are clear. Casey and his parents returned to the hospital, but only his mom came into the room. The whole medical team was standing by waiting for Casey and he was in the lobby eating! I hadn't had a thing but ice chips since early Friday morning and he was delaying the babies delivery over a McDonald's French Fry?!? To say I was displeased would be a huge understatement.
Casey finally ready!
The actual delivery was an uneventful c-section resulting in two perfect baby boys. The anesthesiologist had music playing. I remember it was country but don't remember the song. The sound of my body being opened up wasn't as disturbing as it was on the videos from our twin parenting class. I actually couldn't hear much of it because of the aforementioned country music.
The clock outside the OR when they wheeled me in.
All went well.
Crowded operating room.
We had my medical team for delivery and a NICU team for each boy.
I lost a lot of blood and vaguely remember being told in the recovery room that it was A LOT of blood but I had received blood and all was well. My OB was prepared for this since cholestasis frequently means low Vitamin K levels so poor blood clotting.
Basically, all went well.
I've already written about my emotions surrounding the c-section. It wasn't traumatic. It wasn't gory. It was no where near as painful as other women describe. It was a perfectly safe way to deliver my boys. And I have no regrets.
The boys first picture together. My first look at my sons.
At 8:23PM on January 13, 2013 our first miracle was born. Tripp weighed 4lb3oz and was 17.25in long.
At 8:24PM Davy entered the world weighing 4lb8oz and with a length of 18in.
And that's the main point of the story. They were born. They both took breaths. They were healthy. They were alive.
The boys headed to the NICU where they would spend the next three weeks.
Riding together to the NICU.
They made a quick stop on the way to meet their grandparents!
While the boys, Casey, our parents, and even my doctor, headed to the NICU I went into recovery. (Don't worry. They didn't leave me alone long!) My mom came back to keep me company while Casey got the boys all settled and registered in the NICU. Once that was done and the boys were doing well, he came back to recovery as well and brought the camera to show me lots of pictures!
My OB checking out the boys in the NICU
It would be two hours before I got to go meet them. I was told the NICU rules before I was wheeled in. Look but don't touch. I apparently don't follow rules well because I am counting perfect toes bad holding perfect hands in every single picture!
Meeting my boys in the NICU!

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  1. Awww, I love this! And I love Dr. H. What an awesome chain of events that lead to two wonderful babies!