Mar 10, 2014

Homemade Pedialyte Recipe

By very very popular request (and at the threat of bodily harm if I didn't post) another post (the first was gripe water) where I share my crunchy granola side - this time how I make my own pedialyte for the boys. And then drink it all myself. But, then it's still for one of the boys right? It's just for the unborn one.

First, the backstory:

This winter has not been kind to our little family: croup, colds, upper respiratory infections and a stomach bug have all hit the boys. (I'll hit on the effects of this fun on poor Davy's breathing in a later post.)
I haven't been left out and got one of the many colds that went around our family. Even worse, I have been having a horrible stomach time. Starting on January 31 I have been sick almost every night. It's not morning sickness because it started in the second trimester. While second trimester morning sickness is possible, it is very atypical for it to START in the second trimester. It also isn't a virus or other actual illness. And I'm only sick overnight.
Whatever it is, I have been really worn down. When I stay up most of the night sick, the boys don't understand and let me sleep in. They still expect breakfast and stories and lunch and playtime. Moms don't get sick days!
Well, this mom got a sick morning yesterday when Casey took the boys and got them breakfast and settled playing! Such an awesome husband and daddy!

My doctor has found a combination of anti-nausea meds that are keeping the night time sickness at bay, but the one pill leaves me really groggy for 12ish hours. So, I didn't take it on Saturday night because between the time change and having friends over late, I didn't want the groggy. Bad plan. I was up most of the night sick. Again. In fact, I got so sick that I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. And let's be honest people, I'm not 21 anymore and my body is not cut out for that! I am so so sore now. (As my husband just reminded me, it wasn't a good idea when I was 21 either. So really, not much has changed!)
But I'm not dehydrated! Which is so important for the baby!
And when the boys got a 48hr stomach bug they didn't get dehydrated either. Because in this house, we make our own pedialyte! (Is anyone surprised that a mom who makes gripe water also makes pedialyte?)
I can't take credit for this recipe - I got it from Nancy Holtzman, (@NancyHoltzman) an amazing parenting and breastfeeding and sleep and really just all things baby guru. She is with the former Isis Parenting, which is sadly not around anymore, but used to be an amazing resource and store for all things baby! I cried when it closed. Seriously, cried.
So the recipe...
This is a hard one. You should pay really close attention.

Nancy Holtzman's Magic Rehydration Solution

  • 1 L water
  • 8 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Juice to taste (I personally use Apple Juice)
All the ingredients for a half recipe of Magic Rehydration Solution (because I have a 0.5L bottle)
  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Serve to adults and kids over 6 months to stay hydrated!
*I mix it in hot water so the sugar and salt dissolve easily, but it really isn't necessary. I just hate when the crystals don't fully dissolve.

I store this in the fridge for about 24hrs before dumping it and making new. It might be good for longer than that, in fact I can't think of a reason it should go bad that fast, but pedialyte says to use within 24hrs for some reason so I do 24hrs for this as well.



  1. I just made it and it was to salty I had remake it and add less salt. did u ever had that problem

    1. It does taste salty. The salt is REALLY important because it helps with electrolyte balance. That is why I add the juice to help it taste better!