Mar 23, 2014


The RockNRoll Marathon goes around our church making it totally inaccessible by car. So, on race weekends we offer Saturday night service and sleep in on Sundays.
I have to confess that we didn't go to the Saturday night service. We have lots of excuses: The service was from 5-6. The boys eat dinner at 5:30 and last night were so tired that we started bedtime at 6:20. Not a good night for staying out "late" and messing up bedtime! I also wasn't sure my back could handle sitting in a pew for an hour.
But we did take full advantage of our Sunday morning!
We got up, headed out and went to a great little donut shop just north of us in Richardson that has dairy free donuts! We have no idea if any of the donut shops nearer to our house are dairy free and when we tried asking at one we didn't get a helpful response. So, when we learned about this one that is dairy free and knowledgable about all their donut ingredients, we were thrilled. After our first visit when we learned how helpful and super friendly they were, we were ecstatic.
Casey ran up a few times and got donuts for the two of us when I was still nursing so eating dairy free, but this was my first time in the shop. And I was impressed! When Casey walked in she remembered we were a dairy-free family and guided us through ordering and which donuts were and were not okay. So helpful! So friendly!

And the boys loved it!!

They ate a dozen donut holes on their own (plus they each had a banana and an applesauce pouch I brought from home) and were signing for more. They ate a few bites of my donut with white icing and sprinkles. And loved it. They ate a few bites of Casey's donut with chocolate icing. And by a few bites, I mean Casey got a bite and they ate the rest of the donut! My boys who were less than thrilled by birthday cake and turned down brownies, loved donuts. To say donuts were a hit would be a giant understatement. I don't think Davy has ever cried because we took him out of his highchair before. He did this morning! Our little guy would have sat there eating donuts all day if we let him.
We ran one quick errand (to Fry's to look at new video monitors) and the boys literally crashed. Sugar high means sugar crash!

It's only lunchtime but we are feeling like heroes. We successfully took two mobile babies to donuts in a shop without high chairs (luckily we always have these in our car!). And then ran an errand. And went to the grocery store. Parenting win!

We try to eat fairly healthy so donuts aren't a common thing for us, but for a special treat this was pretty perfect!

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  1. Wow! I'm super impressed. Plus those donuts sound amazing. Sounds well worth having the day "off". ;)