Mar 13, 2014

Chiropractic Care?

Talk to me about chiropractic care. I've never been to a chiropractor. It was suggested as a treatment for infertility. It was suggested to help with rehabilitation after my ankle surgery. It was suggested for pain management in my first pregnancy. But I've never done it.
I think I'm ready to try.
This past week, I am having pain in my lower left back, behind my pelvis. It has been steadily getting worse all week. Sleeping with my boyfriend, the snoogle pillow, isn't helping. In fact, it hurt so much at 5AM this morning that I physically couldn't support my own weight on my left leg and collapsed onto my dresser. I went into the boys room to comfort Davy who was awake and couldn't stand and hold him. It was a mess! I am a mess!
I'm desperate for anything that might give me relief. I feel like the nighttime nausea is finally somewhat under control (or at least enough better that it's no longer every single night) and I honestly cannot handle adding this pain to the mix.
Pregnant with infant twins is no joke.
Pregnant with infant twins on minimal sleep is no joke.
Pregnant with infant twins and minimal sleep because you're up most of the night sick is no joke.
Pregnant with minimal sleep, nighttime nausea, and dehabilitating back pain is unacceptable.
So leave a comment, Facebook me, or tweet me (@LexyJill) with your chiropractor experiences. What did they do? Did it work? If you're local to Dallas, who did you see?

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  1. No one in my family has ever been a big supporter of Chiros, so I never even considered them as an option before a friend asked if I'd tried it for help with migraines, etc. around the same time I found my biggest migraine trigger, so I never used it for that, BUT I considered it after randomly injuring my neck and OH MY WORD I definitely recommend it. If you go to a good one, they'll probably do X-rays first and then set a plan with you, like mine did, because it's not going to be an instant fix. That's important to remember, too... Seeing a chiropractor is essentially retraining your bones to be in alignment, so it takes quite a few visits before you really notice a difference (though some things you will see an instant difference with, depending on the cause). When I first started, I felt almost like a muscle sorenes around my "adjusted" areas, but that faded quickly and it's made a world of difference for me. I get headaches much less often, I sleep better (though still not great... That's another issue altogether though) and I find that for me. At least, the chiropractor has made a world of difference and I certainly go back when needed.

    That's was a ridiculous amount of babbling, but if you have any more specific questions or want more info, just let me know. I'm not from around Dallas, but if you've talked with your primary care doctor and they haven't been able to help, I'd say give it a shot (another warning: many doctors don't believe in going to the chir.. It's kind've like the difference between an ob-gyn and a midwife - 100% personal preference and each will tell you their way is better).