Mar 12, 2014

August 2013 in One Post with Gratuitous Baby Pictures

(Posted in August 2013 for timeline purposes. Written March 2014.)
We have a timeshare in Ormond Beach Florida and every year, the whole family packs up and drives to the beach. Last year, we went while I was on bedrest. This year, we returned with our twin miracles.
We walked on the beach. We let the boys put their feet in the water. We hung out with family. And it was amazing. Truly amazing.
To be honest, not much changed in our routine. The boys still ate. And slept. And nursed. Pretty much constantly. But our location changed. And the change of scenery did us all a lot of good!
Funny story. We sent our pack n play with my brother who was driving to Florida instead of trying to deal with in on the plane. Smart idea (although now we know that the association rents pack n plays and will do that in the future!). One issue: Dejay stopped to do a bit of sight seeing on the way and didn't arrive in Ormond Beach until after the boys bedtime. So we put the boys to sleep in the stroller. It actually worked really well and they both went straight down.

For a few hours.

And then they woke up furious. We still had no packnplay. It was the middle of the night. And they were both screaming. So I took the stroller and started walking the resort grounds. It was an awesome plan and the movement put them back to sleep. I loved being down by the water and hearing the sounds of the ocean. It wasn't the worst way to spend 2AM. Until the sprinklers turned on. And we all ended up drenched. Oops.

And in case you were unsure, wet babies wake up furious.
Right after we got home, the boys went to see a pediatric dentist in Fort Worth who performed frenectomies on them both. This was a simple in office procedure using a laser to correct their upper lip ties (severe) and tongue ties (moderate). It changed breastfeeding for us! No more pain! Better latches! And more importantly it helped so so much with the boys reflux when they were no longer swallowing so much air. I cannot say enough good things about this procedure or the dentist we saw. Also - totally worth the drive to have it done with a laser instead of literally having it snipped. Recovery was a breeze. And we haven't had any issues with regrowth or reattachment which can be a concern.
Also in August --
  • Davy got his first tooth. And then his second.
  • Tripp started sitting up pretty much all the time. Because he's too big to be a baby who lays on his back.
  • Davy tried rocking on all fours. But no crawling. Funny - Davy doesn't spend much time sitting to play. He'd rather be on his tummy.

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  1. Did you write that from memory? I have no idea what happened a month ago, let alone in August lol. Nice story about the sprinklers!