Jul 16, 2013

Twindom: Four Months

My darling boys,

Me and My Guys

You have been with us for four months now and I just can't believe it has been that long. I also can't believe it hasn't been forever. You are the center of our world and we love you so much!
You are a few of my favorite things!
We have settled into a routine together and life is going great. Everyday we wake up around 9:30 and get clean diapers and sing and dance a bit. Then you eat. When you both finish, I lay you down for tummy time while I eat my breakfast. Tummy time is still a challenge so I am quickly eating my oatmeal to a chorus of pathetic cries and whimpers. After breakfast we sing more songs, practice rolling, work on pushing up on our tummies, and sit and have conversations. You nap, but not for long. Daytime sleep is not your thing. and then we start the cycle all over again. You are both little cat nappers so we don't get much done during the day, but that's okay. You slept through the night for the first time ever this month (nine while hours!!
Tripp enjoying a conversation with Mommy

True beauty.

This month we celebrated our first Mother's Day and you swam in a pool for the first time at the Benner's house. Neither of you were impressed. Your daddy and I thought you would like it since you have been enjoying splashing and splashing in the bathtub, but you were crying from the moment we put your sunblock on. I agree, sunblock is rough and annoying.
Swimming on Mother's Day

The Boys with their Miller and Benner cousins.
Mother's Day dinner with Nano and Papa
Mother's Day with Nana

Best Friends

You have continued to be my patient, even tempered guy this month. You have been an amazing big brother while we learned what was going on with your brother. Your favorite thing to do this month is sit on my lap facing me and talk. You may not have words yet, but you are a great conversationalist and will take turns making noises and always look so interested when someone speaks to you! Tummy time is still rough, but you are pushing up better now and tolerating it.



This month started off rough. You continued to struggle to swallow, scream with every burp, you had a barking cough and a hoarse voice, you continually arched your back and neck in pain, and he contents of your diapers were far from normal. It hurt my heart to see you hurting. But, we saw the pediatric GI and we have a diagnosis! You were initially diagnosed with a milk soy protein intolerance. Due to the severity of your symptoms and your elevating reactions (we added rash to your symptoms) it was later revised to a milk protein allergy and soy protein intolerance. It has been wonderful getting to know you this month now that you are no longer in pain. I have been dairy free and while it is hard, one look at your sweet face makes me miss cheese a lot less.

My boys,
You bring so much joy into the world. You are truly little miracles and I feel so blessed to be your mom.
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living
my babies you'll be.
Loving you forever,

Four Month Stats


Weight: 11lbs 10oz
Height: 22in
Diaper Size: Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest rise with one button showing in the center
Clothing Size: 0-3 months


Weight: 12lbs 6oz
Height: 23.5in
Diaper Size: Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest rise with one button showing in the center
Clothing Size: 0-3 months

Four Month Milestones

First time sleeping through the night: May 1
First Swim: May 12
First Mother's Day: May 12

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  1. Aw your babies are so big now! I did the dairy/soy free thing too and while it was so hard it is completely worth seeing your child smiling again. Your boys are adorable! :)