Jul 20, 2013

Citrus Lane

So I have jumped on the Citrus Lane bandwagon and received my first shipment this week.
If you have never heard of it, Citrus Lane sends a surprise box of baby goodies tailored to your child's age every month. I love the idea of new products to try out each month!
This month we received:
  • Zoli on-the-go Snack Dispenser: I bought a Zoli cup for the boys, which we love, so I'm excited to try another product from this great company! As soon as the boys start solids...
  • Tiny Love Jittering Gqiraffe: The boys love this! And the claw clip attaches wonderfully to the playmat, carseat, stroller, and diaper bag. Our first Tiny Live toy and I'm impressed.
  • A www.sincerely.com Postagram certificate: I can't wait to surprise Casey's parents with beach pictures!
  • A nuturme meals mix: We probably won't ever use this since the GI advised us to make our own foods due to the severity of Davy's allergy and the risk of cross contamination.
  • Samples from California Baby: We currently use Mustela, but I've heard great things about CB so I'm interested to see how boys react
  • Buddy Wipes antibacterial wipes: You can never have too many of these!
If you want to join in the happy baby surprises check out Citrus Lane. Use that link and we both get $10 credit. Also, you can use code TAKEHALF to get half off your first order.

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