Jun 14, 2013

The Grind

I really, really miss blogging.  I hate that I haven't finished my four month letter to the boys and they turned 5 months yesterday. I miss putting my thoughts and memories down on paper. 

I have spent some time this month re-reading where we were just a year ago as we underwent IVF and love that I have the good, bad, and ugly all written down.  It helps me remember just where I was.  So much of this journey is also my walk with God and I don't want to forget it. 

I have a few posts that are halfway written (4 month post, 5 month post, and more product reviews (including that giveaway I keep alluding to!)) and really hope I will get them ALL up next week after the boy baptism (another post to write!).  Until then...this is all I've got.


Casey and I are both voracious readers.  We hope to raise our boys with a love of books and learning too. 

To do it, we obviously need one of these:

And for only $8,500 it could be ours (source). Or we could hire a part time nanny and read to the boys one on one for that price!
For other crazy item that "Every Mom Needs" check out the site www.everymomneeds.com.  It's good for a laugh!