Apr 9, 2013

Unbreakable Swaddle?

The last two nights have been miserable sleep nights. Swaddling has become a problem. The boys have both discovered their hands and always want to be playing with them and trying to suck or gnaw on them. This isn't so great for swaddling.
We've outgrown the Swaddleme Blankets. They say 7-14lbs but started getting tight around 8lbs. Now at close to 11 lbs they are unusable.
Our favorites, the SwaddlePods were outgrown weeks ago. We miss those.
The Halo Sleep Sacks with Swaddle used to work great, but when the boys concentrate on finding their hands they can squeeze them up and lower the "wings" to below their armpits.
At this point, a swaddled receiving blanket is working best, but it's by no means perfect and with lots of struggling both boys can break it.
So, this has been my night:
9:30 -- Bedtime routine completed. Boys in RNPs to sleep.
9:55 -- Tripp asleep.
10:36 -- Davy asleep.
11:46 -- Davy breaks swaddle. Awake.
12:23 -- Tripp breaks swaddle. Awake.
1:49 -- Davy one arm out. Awake.
2:21 -- Davy breaks swaddle. Awake.
2:26 -- Tripp one arm out. Awake.
2:35 -- I give up. Who needs sleep.
2:40 -- Bottle. An hour earlier than normal in an attempt to calm them both down.
At around 2:45, Casey wandered into the nursery and asked if I needed help. I'm exhausted because I have yet to really fall into a good sleep so I sarcastically reply that unless he knows an unbreakable swaddle, there isn't much he can do. He disappeared into the bedroom and I wonder if he'll even remember asking. (The few times he's woken overnight, he normally doesn't remember what happens in his sleepy stupor).
Imagine my shock when he walks in 15 minutes later and hands me his iPad cued to this:
An unbreakable swaddle!
Both boys are now back in the RNPs. Tripp is asleep. Davy is close (darn coughing won't let him fall all the way asleep). I'll let you all know in the morning how it worked. Praying for a good 6 hour stretch.

Apparently, I ask and Casey delivers.


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