Apr 16, 2013

Twindom: Three Months

Dear Pip and Pop,
Our third month together has been really amazing. You are both such little personalities. Every morning we sing songs and have a dance party and you both just laugh and smile. You boys are so loveable and so perfect. We all really do belong together.
Our Perfect Family
At McKinley's BaptismEaster Sunday
You are certainly not my tiny infants anymore. I might have cried big alligator tears when I packed up your newborn clothes. You aren't my tiny preemies. You aren't my little newborns. Now you are infants. Perfect babies with big personalities. The first two months were hard. This month has been fun.
Melt my heart cute. Holding hands in the crib.
You have both developed so much and now notice everything around you. You are so alert and love to lay (or even better be held) and take it all in. You like to watch the ceiling fan spin, look out the window and see the world, be carried around the house and hear the names of all the things. You love to talk and be talked to. You are much more active this month and enjoy looking at toys, holding your "things", and watching lights. You are both "always up for a good game of peekaboo" but like playing with Daddy a lot more than with Mommy. You are still not big fans of tummy time, although Davy did manage to scoot his way across the room during tummy time this month. Maybe you'll be an early crawler. You both smile. You both coo. You both bring such joy to everyone you meet.
Playing together
Checking each other out.
Playtime with Rory.
You are both champion nighttime sleepers. We start bedtime around 9:00 and have you tucked into your RockNPlays by 9:45ish. You both will sleep until between 4 and 5! We wake up, eat, and go back to sleep from 6:30-9:30. Your daytime sleep isn't as impressive, but that's okay! You boys keep being my awesome nighttime sleepers.
Last nap together in the crib before you got too big to share it.
You had a big month this month with two birthday parties for your cousins, your first trip to church to see your cousins baptism, your first trip to the mall (and your second), your first big holiday (Easter), meeting your great-grandparents, meeting your great-aunt and uncle, visiting the arboreteum and continuing to grow and be awesome.
Three Months Old
You are a content and happy boy. You always look so serious in photos and have one photo face you give every time the camera comes out, but in real life you are expressive and smiling and so alert and engaged. You look right into my eyes when I hold you and love nothing more than to be held and talked to.
You are still my peaceful guy. I wonder if you get jealous of the attention your brother demands, but you seem so content to sit and ponder the world. You are an independent guy though, so I know that even when you are laying in a Boppy or in the BabyBjorn Bouncer you are okay. You are a patient thinker, like your daddy. Your intelligence and thoughtfulness are things I admire in you and hope I can learn from you. You inspire me everyday to be a better more patient mommy.
Your Photo Face
Holding all your "things"
Serious Little Man
Growing as big as a Dinosaur
Three Months Old
This month Mommy spent a lot of time worrying about you. You are still generally a cheerful happy guy and have the biggest, brightest, open mouth smile when you choose to share it, but your reflux is causing you a lot of pain. We received a referral to a specialist this month and I am looking forward to getting it all under control so we can have our Davy back. There is nothing I wouldn't do to make you feel better. I love you with all of my heart and seeing you suffer truly hurts my heart. Many of our photos of you this month have you crying, but we do have some great big smiles captured too!
You are still an opinionated guy who knows what he wants. You are vocal and demanding and will never settle for less than exactly what you wanted. I love this about you. I love your strong will and your stubborn determination. It will serve you well throughout your life. Your mama is strong willed too.
Peaceful Sleeping Davy
My Other Growing Dinosaur
Crying Boy
Mommy Trying to Comfort You for the Picture
My boys,
You bring me so much joy every day. You are my boys. You amaze me. You fascinate me. You always keep things interesting. I love you unconditionally. I love you forever. I love you with no strings. I love you with no boundaries. I love the babies you are. I love the men you will become. You are my boys.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living
my babies you'll be.
Loving you forever,
My Big Guys!

Three Month Stats


Weight**: 10.6lbs (10lbs 10oz) -- this is a 27.5% increase since two months!
Height: unknown
Diaper Size: Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest rise with one button showing in the center
Clothing Size: NB; 0-3 months


Weight**: 10.4lbs (10lbs 6oz) -- up 19.7% in the past month!
Height: unknown
Diaper Size: Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest rise with one button showing in the center
Clothing Size: NB; 0-3 months
**no pediatrician appointment so these are very official weigh myself holding the baby calculations

Two Month Milestones

First Birthday Party: March 17 for Ryan
First trip to the Mall: March 23
First time in Church: March 24 for McKinley's Baptism at First Baptist Midlothian
First Bible Study: March 27 at Kitchen Group
Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Parker: March 29
Meeting Uncle Chad, Landry, and Cooper: March 29
Switch to 0-3 month clothes: March 28-31 (gradual change)
First Time Hosting Friends: March 30 when friends came for dinner
First Easter: March 31
Meeting Aunt Ellen and Uncle John: April 2
First Trip to the Arboreteum: April 5
First Concert: April 12 an outdoor Concert in the Park in Grand Prairie

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