Apr 5, 2013

On My Own

Wednesday night, my iPad died. Totally completely kerputz.
Obviously this isn't okay. All of my pumping logs and feeding logs are on my iPad. All of my while pumping entertainment is on my iPad. All of my half written blog posts are on my iPad. Did I mention my pumping logs? And feeding logs? Really not okay.
So, Thursday morning I got myself and the boys dressed and ready. Alone.
I got my diaper bag packed. Alone.
I loaded two car seats and the double stroller into the car. Alone.
I unloaded two car seats and the stroller from the car. Alone.
I headed into Northpark Mall. With two infants.
And it was great!
In the Apple store
We went to the Apple store and got my iPad fixed.
We went to the food court and met Casey for lunch.
We went to the nursing room in the mall and nursed Tripp (OMG I nursed a baby. And he was happy. I haven't done a post on nursing and breastfeeding and pumping and exclusively pumping and trying to nurse so unless we've chatted you don't realize what a HUGE deal this is!) while I finished giving Davy a bottle.
We walked around the mall for a few hours.
I didn't shop.In fact, the boys stayed covered up completely in their car seats. (Confession: I did try on a skirt. But it was adorable. And on sale. And too big. Whomp Whomp.) Just walking around and seeing all of the people was cathartic.
And more importantly, knowing I did it on my own (and successfully!) really increased my confidence that I can handle this mother of twins thing.


  1. I love this post. Have you blogged before about the little tag on the carrier? (if so, I missed it) I'm gathering that it's a "we're little, please don't touch us" thing. If so I LOVE IT. I wish I had had one!

  2. Congratulations! That must have felt awesome!