Mar 13, 2013

Twindom: Two Months

Dear Pip and Pop,

For all of the difficulties and challenges we faced together during your first month, your second month of life has been such a blessing!  You both grew so much, both in size and personality.  It is such an honor to watch you become yourselves.  You are both so unique and individual and I love seeing the similarities and differences between you both.

Rory is still as enamored with you are we are.  She loves watching over you boys!
This second month flashed by in an instant and yet it lasted forever! It seems like just moments ago you were my little 4lb fellows.  It seems like you have been in my life forever.  Quite the contradiction.

This month you have met a lot more people including more of your aunts, uncles and cousins.  You have also spent a lot of quality time with your Nana, Nano, and Papa.  There is absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing the people we love love on you boys. 

Being held by Aunt Amy and your cousin Abby

Napping with Papa

This month we had our first trip to the Emergency Room when you boys were both congested and having "retractions" which means your chest was caving in when you breathed.  The ER diagnosed you with bronchiolitis and said it was most likely caused by RSV (although we declined the test to confirm this).  The pediatrician agreed it was RSV and gave us many warnings about what this could mean for your future.  Thank goodness you both received Synagis or your mild case of RSV and bronchiolitis could have been much scarier!  As it was, I spent two nights sleeping on the floor of your nursery listening to you breathe and afraid to leave your sides. 

Sad Tripp not feeling well.
We also started getting pesky reflux this month.  Davy, you needed medication because you cried out in such pain every time we fed you.  It absolutely broke my heart to hear you squeal like that. The first medicine wasn't strong enough and didn't help, so the pediatrician switched to a stronger medication.  It still didn't help and so your dosage was increased to get you back to the happy baby you were in month one!  Tripp, reflux affected you too, but not bad enough you needed prescription medicine.  Your pesky gas bubbles and reflux got better with gripe water.  I have started making a batch of gripe water every few days to mix in your bottles.

"Dear God, Please make this diaper change end quickly.  Please help me feel better. Amen"
This month we got out of the house a bit more, although still sparingly because it is RSV season and you are little fellows.  On March 2, we went to a car dealership and you rode in a new (to us) car.  Daddy ended up buying his Honda Pilot that day!  You weren't ready to go into the building with other people so we sat in the car and ate while Daddy wrote them a check inside.

Sitting and eating in the Enclave while Daddy bought the Pilot

You also had your first retail shopping experience: babywearing at Sam's Club.  It was incredible what a spectacle we were and all of the things people said to us, but since you were snug up against Mommy and Nana, no one could touch you with their germy hands so you were safe.  Babywearing win! 

Tripp and Nana in Sam's

Davy looking comfy in the K'Tan at Sam's

You also went on LOTS of walks this month during the unseasonably warm 80 degree days.  You both love going around the neighborhood in the stroller!

Strolling in the neighborhood

You ended this second month with a trip to the pediatrician for your shots.  You were both so brave!  Mommy wasn't. 

Daddy and Tripp at the Pediatrician


Last month you excelled at social development and this month you went even further.  You smile so much that your Daddy has started to call you Smiles!  You also started working on your physical development and taking better advantage of tummy time to work on lifting your head.  You are getting so much stronger! You are doing better during tummy time, but prefer to be on your back under a playmat staring up at the toys, the fan, and the lights.


This month you began to develop socially  and continued to show your physical strength.  You love to be snuggled close and I couldn't keep my sanity without the K'Tan.  You can be found in it most afternoons.  Sometimes, you are even willing to share with your brother!  You are my little cuddlemonkey.

The Baby K'Tan Twin Carry

You spent a lot of this month fussy because you were sick and so we bounced you, rocked you, held you, and walked with you.  Towards the end of this month the pediatrician found a medication dosage that made you feel better and that made all of the difference!  You started sleeping again.  You started smiling again.  It broke my heart to see you so upset after every feeding and to watch your heavy little eyes that so desperately wanted to sleep but just couldn't.  When you do sleep, you love to be swaddled tight, or to spread your arms out and enjoy a baby lounge chair.


My boys,

Regardless of the situation or day, you boys are the greatest joy.  Every day you develop further and become more and more fun.  I can't wait to see you every morning and get our day started (although I'm very okay with starting a bit later so you sleep!)  You are both so very loved and cherished. 

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living
my babies you'll be.
Loving you forever,


Two Month Stats


Weight: 8 lbs 5 oz - >5th Percentile (also less than the desired 50th Percentile on Preemie Chart)
Height:  20.5 inches - >5th Percentile
Diaper Size: NB; Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest setting
Clothing Size: NB


Weight: 8 lbs 11 oz - >5th Percentile (also less than the desired 50th Percentile on Preemie Chart)
Height: 21 inches - >5th Percentile
Diaper Size: NB; Best Bottom Cloth on the smallest setting
Clothing Size: NB

Two Month Milestones

Meeting Uncle Dejay, Aunt M'Lynne, McKinley, and Maddie: February 17
Meeting Aunt Jennifer: February 23
First Trip to the ER: February 23
Due Date: February 28
First Time Home Without Mom or Dad: March 1 for my 6 week postpartum checkup
First Time to Buy a Car: March 2
First Cloth Diapers: March 6
First Retail Outing: March 8 (to Sam's)
Meeting Uncle Chris, Aunt Amy, Abby, and Aaron: March 10

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