Feb 5, 2013

Parents of the Year Application

We've been home with the boys for two and a half days, and overall things are going really well! Our little men are eating great, sleeping, and just such good babies. We really are blessed! I think we both expected this whole thing to be worse than it is. Yes, we are tired. Yes, I do nothing but pump and feed babies. Yes, acclimating the dog to the babies is difficult (she is SO interested in them and getting a bit protective and barky). Yes, it isn't easy. But, we are loving every minute of it!
Rory watching over her new brothers.
Tummy time!
(Tripp on top. Davy on bottom.)
Today, the boys had their first outing. We didn't go anywhere fun (no fun outings until flu season and RSV season are over, probably at the end of April) but even a trip to the pediatrician can be quite the adventure.*
To go the office, we decided to assemble our Baby Jogger City Select double stroller with the car seat adapters and take the whole stroller into the appointment. It worked great. No heavy car seats to lug up to the second floor and a place to set the little guys while brother was getting checked out.
But, after the appointment, we looked like this. For over 10 minutes we stood in the parking lot with absolutely no clue how to get the car seats off of the stroller! Everything we could find googling showed how to attach them and assure they were solidly connected. Nothing showed how to take them off. We can attest the Cybex Aton attaches VERY securely. We. Could. Not. Get. Them. Off.
Parents of the year.
Standing in the parking lot with no idea how to get the kids into the car.
We eventually called the great folks at LoneStar Baby and Kids in Frisco (the folks who sold us the stroller and one of the carseats) and asked for help. They were amazing and talked the clueless newbie parents through it. Thank goodness!
* The actual pediatrician appointment went great. Tripp is up to 4lb15.8oz (soooo close to 5lb!) and Davy is 5lb6oz. We loved the nurse practitioner we met with and had a really positive experience. We got some great affirmation on some of the things we have been doing since we left the NICU, got questions answered, and we were told the boys are perfect. We already knew that, but it was nice having someone else say it!


  1. Hahahaha I love this. Those carseats are so darn confusing at first! You may have been puzzled and frustrated, but it doesn't look like it bothered the boys at all!

    PS you look AMAZING!!!

  2. I recognize that medical park as our pediatrician and pediatric dentist are also there. Not sure if you're going to our group or not, but we love our doctor and the others in his practice. It's funny how you get so close to your OB during pregnancy, but then you go to seeing her (or him) once a year but see the pediatrician (and talk to his nurse on the phone) all the time!

    Loved the carseat stroller story. I imagine you'll get a lot of mileage out of that one!

    Hugs to you! You are a great mother!