Feb 20, 2013

Little Guys: Honest v Seventh

Casey and I are so blessed by these two little guys and just love them to pieces, but we've obviously had to make some adjustments since they are so little!
Tripp at 1 Month
(February 13)
Weight: 5lbs10oz
Davy at 1 Month
(February 13)
Weight: 6lbs0oz
One of those changes is in our diapering plan.
We have an awesome stash of cloth diapers all organized in the changing table baskets, but I didn't buy any newborn sized cloth. I assumed we would take a few weeks and adjust to parenting first and then add in the extra laundry (how naive to have not realized I'd be doing extra laundry from burp cloths, blankets, and all of our shirts they spit up on!). The cloth diapers we have start between 8-10lbs, so I purchased a stash of Seventh Generation Newborn Diapers before the boys were born to use the first few weeks. I purchased them on sale for a steal and felt good my stash of 280 newborn diapers plus the 100 Pampers preemies we came home from the NICU with would be plenty.
How naive!
In the three weeks since the boys come home from the NICU we have used 248 diapers. This is an average of almost 16 diapers a day, meaning we are using 2.5 packages of Seventh Generation Newborn Diapers each week! That's a lot of diapers until the little fellows reach 10lbs.
Well, how the heck am I supposed to know when they'll get to 10lbs? Looking at preemie growth charts, I'm guessing I have at least another month in newborns, so, this means I need more diapers. (And more clothes. Hmph. Have any newborn boy clothes lying around?)
As many of y'all know, I make a point to use as many natural and organic products as possible in the house and in our food and intend to continue to do so for the boys. That is why I am committed to using cloth diapers when they are old enough and "healthy" diapers for now. If you are unsure, check out THIS information which in a short short summary says a lot of disposable diapers are toxic.
Our next batch of diapers are going to be Honest diapers bought off of Zulilly this morning. They are nontoxic, chemical free, and come in cute cute prints!
Honest is Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan's company that strives to create healthy, natural & eco friendly products for children, as well as bath & body products and cleaning products.
Have any of you used Honest products? How do you like the cleaning products? How are the diapers? Am I going to like them as much as I like the Seventh Generations?


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