Feb 16, 2013

At Home with Twins

Wow! We've been home with these two little nuggets for nearly two weeks now and I have only managed to post once!
We are exhausted, overwhelmed, and adjusting to each other but we are loving every minute of it. Honestly, these boys are such great babies and we are just so blessed.
Brother time
(Tripp top, Davy bottom)
Some highlights since my last post:
Wednesday: My mom came down to live with us for a few weeks and help with the munchkins. Since Casey would have help, I decided to be brave and go out to ladies kitchen group and leave the boys at home with them. It was really hard being away from them, but I'm glad I went. I will have to leave them at some point, and doing it when I still remembered how was the best decision for me.
Rory watching over the boys.
Thursday: Casey went back to work :( and we did our first baths at home.
Tripp after his bath.
Saturday: My mom headed back to her house for the weekend. We were on our own again.
Sunday: We invited all of our siblings and nieces and nephews over to meet the boys. They were all really respectful of our no germs policy, which meant of our four siblings only one family was healthy enough to come. My sister's kids were enamored with the little guys and spent the entire time they were here sitting around the cradle looking at the little guys. I am so sad that I didn't get any pictures!
Two munchkins in the cradle.
Tuesday: Davy had a REALLY rough night with choking and gagging every time he ate and awful reflux. It absolutely broke my heart seeing him so sad. Davy stares up with the biggest saddest eyes! So, we ended up at the pediatricians office. Davy now has a prescription for Zantac (taking after his Daddy!) and we were told to switch back to slower preemie nipples so that he doesn't gag at the volumes simultaneously going up and down. Poor little guy! At the appointment we had both boys weighed and they had both gained 10 ounces in a week! Way to go little men!
Sleeping peacefully.
(Davy left, Tripp right)
Wednesday: Casey had to do a day trip to Houston and my mom had a few appointments, so I was completely on my own all day. I didn't get anything done, but we all survived!
Adorable little elephant butts!
(Davy left, Tripp right)
Thursday: Valentine's Day was amazing. Casey made a fantastic dinner for us with lots of my favorites: porterhouse steak, grilled squash and zucchini, baked tomato, grilled maroon carrots, and baked potatoes. It was so much food that he didn't even serve the potatoes! (I had a great lunch on Friday!) We sat and held babies and talked and had an amazing night. I think we both really needed this night to reconnect and intentionally sit and chat.
Mirror images!<br>(Davy top, Tripp bottom)

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