Feb 2, 2013

Amazing News

Tomorrow Davy is coming home!
Tripp is probably coming home tomorrow as well, but we are waiting on the final word from the neonatologist. The nurses say he is ready and we really think he is as well. He is feeding so much better than he did earlier in the week and is gaining weight at a decent pace.
Both boys have had their hepatitis vaccines and synagis shots, passed their car seat tests, and jumped through all of the other discharge hoops. They are ready and so are we!
Once the babies are home, our house is going to be a germ free zone.
They still have premature immune systems and are tiny little guys and we have been advised by the NICU staff to keep them away from other people until flu season and RSV season are over. These will both end sometime in April (the timing varies based on the weather) so we won't do any sort of meet the babies until May.
As we slowly open our home to people meeting the boys, we ask that everyone be understanding of our newly germaphobic natures and help us by following a few standard NICU discharge rules:
  • If ANYONE in your household has been ill or shown any symptoms of the common cold or any other sickness during the past 72 hours, please don't come. Your whole household needs to be completely symptom free for a full 72 hours for anyone from your family to enter our home.
  • When you first come in our house please use the Purell that will be at the front door. Then, go immediately to a sink and scrub your hands well, getting between each finger, under each fingernail, etc. for at least the amount of time it takes you to sing the ABCs three times.
  • Be understanding that these premature boys are on a strict eating schedule to help them continue gaining weight, so they (and Lexy) will likely need to go back to the nursery alone during your visit. Respect their eating schedule and don't be offended.
  • Please understand that they aren't supposed to be overstimulated so it might not be possible to hold or touch them during your visit. Also, no children under 13 will be allowed to hold or touch them while their immune systems are premature.
  • The first month the boys are home will be reserved for family. Until the boys have reached term (40 weeks gestational age at the end of February) we will be limiting their germ exposure to family only. Even though they are coming home, they are still younger than most babies are when born. They need time to adjust to being out in the world and we need to adjust to having two high-risk babies in the house and being a family of four.
We will have our immediate families over sometime in the next few weeks to meet the boys and evaluate how they do during that stimuli and make additional decisions afterwards.

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  1. So very smart of you to keep your babies home! I know someone that had twins prematurely that didn't and she ended up with a baby in the hospital last week. So scary! I wish you the best of luck as you and the babies transition to being at home!