Feb 2, 2013

A Temporary Post (Sharing Names!)

I know that deleting a blogpost doesn't delete it's presence from the Internet completely and traces still remain, but it makes them harder to find and not google-able. So, this post will only stay up for a few days.
We are pleased to formally introduce you to

Pip, aka Baby A, aka Tripp:

He is named after his Daddy (who shares Charles with his grandfather) and called Tripp for his three Cs and because he is the third Charles.



Pop, aka Baby B, aka Davy:

His first name is the Americanized spelling of Lexy's Mom's maiden name (Davies is the Scottish spelling) and his middle name is after Lexy's Dad who passed away nine and a half years ago.

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  1. Congratulations, Alexis! Your boys are beautiful, and I love their names! You will never regret giving them family names. I was named for my grandmother, and I especially appreciate that now that she's gone (I loved my grandmother very much). My son is named for his dad and his grandfather and our girls are named after my mother and my mother-in-law.

    Hope things are going well. Rest when you can and accept offers of help!