Jan 7, 2013

Week 32 Growth Scan

I had my first BioPhysical Profile (BPP) today. Combined with the NonStress Test (NST), which I also had today, this showed that Pip and Pop are both healthy and doing well!
The electronic fetal monitoring in the NST uses paddle like devices (one for each baby) to record the babies heart rates and a little clicker to indicate when I feel movement so they can evaluate the heart rate elevation from movement. There is also a paddle tracking me and looking at the number of contractions I have and how the babies respond to the stress of uterine contractions. The fetal ultrasound for the BPP looks at fetal movement, the babies' muscle tone, and the volume of the amniotic fluid surrounding each baby.
Until delivery I will have a BPP every Monday and a NST every Monday and Thursday. We're keeping a close eye on these little boys!
Today I also had a growth scan.
The results weren't bad, and were in fact expected, but it was still hard to swallow.
Our last growth scan was 4w3d ago on December 6 at 28w0d and at that time, Pip and Pop were HUGE babies, each weighing over 3lbs and measuring 12 days ahead. They are now both in approximately the 50th percentile and are measuring right on track. (Look at this BabyCenter chart for more information on average fetal weights.
This is great and I should be thrilled. They are still growing together. They are right where they need to be.
But, I was shocked to see how much their growth slowed down. I knew that twins rate of growth slowed in the third trimester because they start running out of room, I just wasn't prepared for it to have slowed that much!


(Baby A)


(Baby B)

PositionHead Down
Head Down
LocationLeft of my belly buttonRight of my belly button
Placenta Anterior
(in front of baby)
(behind baby)
Average Ultrasound Age
(Gestational Age is 32w4d)
Size Percentile50ish50ish
I don't have as much growth information as usual (like the different body part measurements, the exact weights (in grams), or the exact percentiles) because I saw a different ultrasound technician than normal and she was unwilling to print me a copy or even let me take a photo of the screen. She also didn't give me any baby pictures! Sad ultrasound!
With all of this new information, feel free to update your expectnet guesses, or if you haven't entered go enter your guesses now. The site says you have to register, but it only asks you for an email address and password (no personal information) so that you can go back later and change your guess and so we can contact you if you win! Click here to go over to the game site.

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