Jan 10, 2013

Packing Hospital Bags

We are all packed and ready for the hospital - and only 9 weeks later than our Preparing for Multiples Class said we should be! Next step, we need to get these bags into the car and our carseats installed!
In class, we were told we should be packed by 24 weeks so we were prepared for any circumstances, including an emergency trip to L&D. We learned on Christmas Eve (I promise a full post about this is coming!) why this is important but didn't actually both finish packing until this week. In our class they said car seats should be installed between 30-32 weeks for twins, so we aren't TOO far behind on that one.
I am sure we have WAY too much stuff and will regret lugging it all around, but we just don't know for sure.
Bag One is mine. It contains two pairs of button front pajamas, a warm cozy robe, nursing tanks, nursing bras, a coming home outfit (an outfit that fit me well at 5-6 months pregnant), granny panties and socks (only one pair of each of these since the hospital does provide them), and slippers. I also have pens and a notebook for keeping track of important information and the babies. I included a green and a blue pen so I can record feeding schedules for the boys and differentiate Pip from Pop if it's necessary. I also have scrapbook paper for footprints and any other little memories I'd like to jot down. On my bathroom counter, I am living out of a packed toiletry bag so it is ready to be thrown in. The toiletry bag has nipple cream and dry shampoo in addition to my normal travel supplies.
Bag Two is Casey's. He packed two complete changes of clothes, tennis shoes, a swimsuit, a bag of quarters for the vending machines and has his toiletries in the bathroom ready to go. He also put a surge protector in his bag so we can charge all of our electronics at the hospital. Missing from Casey's bag are snacks for after the delivery, but he just can't seem to decide what to throw in!
Bag Three is for the babies. It has two sets of coming home outfits (two coordinating outfits in preemie size and two coordinating outfits in newborn size), two hats, two pairs of little gloves, two wubbanubs, and blankets. Since it might be cold when Pip and Pop arrive, I included two muslin blankets and two fleece blankets.
When it is time to make the hospital trip, we will also grab my My Brest Friend pillow and our electronics (2 iPads, 2 iPhones, our camera, our camera to iPad photo transfer thingy, and all five chargers). We also have old towels sitting at the ready in case our reason for rushing to the hospital is that my water broke.
You can see my packing spreadsheet here.
What do we not have packed that you couldn't live without? I'm sure we forgot something...


  1. Don't forget flip flops for the shower!

  2. You may want some hard candies for during labor.

  3. Multiples Class said we should be! Next step, Autoclave we need to get these bags into the car and our carseats installed!