Jan 26, 2013

NICU Progress Report

It has been a few days since I last posted and I have so much progress to share! A few things bulleted here got their own (back-dated) posts to go into more details, so check out the links for some great photos.
January 13: The babies are here! Pip (Baby A) was born at 8:23PM weighing 4lb3oz and 17.25in long. Pop (Baby B) entered the world at 8:24PM weighing 4lb8oz and 18in long. Both boys were healthy! They were breathing room air from birth and didn't require any respiratory interventions. They were taken to the NICU because they weren't big enough to regulate their own body temperature or feed on their own.
Pip and Pop just a few minutes old. Still in the delivery room.
The only picture we have of both boys.
January 15: Chose names for the boys. We were still "trying them out" though and didn't fill out the birth certificate information until Thursday the 17th right before discharge. Did you know you have to PAY to get the birth certificates?!?
January 16: Boys put under Phototherapy Lights. The lights will help decrease the boys billirubin levels, which means they will help eliminate the jaundice the boys are suffering from.
January 17: Casey gave Pop his first bottle. He took a few mL before getting tired. Discharged from the hospital.
January 19: First full day away from the babies for a family funeral. We asked Nano and Papa (Casey's parents) to go hang out with the boys at the NICU for a bit since we couldn't be there during the day. (I was able to make the 8:00AM feeding and Casey and I both snuck away before the family dinner was over for the funeral so we could make the 8:00PM feed.)
January 20: Billrubin levels down enough that the boys got out from under the phototherapy lights.
January 21: Bilirubin levels rechecked 24 hours later. They both have borderline results, but the neonatologist decided to keep them out from under the lights for the next week and see if they can bring the levels back down on their own. Casey's last day off.
January 22: Christened a Mom - projectile vomitted on for the first time after Pop got his stinky liquid vitamin. First Bath.
January 23: Open Air Cribs. Mom's night out - Kitchen Group in Dallas.
January 24: 35w0d. Interviewed and chose a pediatrician.
January 25: Pop took first full feed from the breast during our first successful tandem feed. Two big successes!

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