Jan 4, 2013

Fragments for Friday: First in 2013

Sometimes things happen throughout the week that are interesting and blog-worthy, but they just aren't a full post. Fragments for Friday to the rescue! All of those random thoughts collected over the week can go in one place: Fragments for Friday.
Not a Myrtle and I are so excited so offer you the chance to link up and share your Fragments for Friday. So jot your notes and link up with us!
  • Happy 2013!!
  • Reality check: I have been having huge discussions with Pip and Pop that they weren't allowed into the world until 2013. How short-sighted am I?! Now it's 2013!!
  • On a related note, my milk doesn't go out of date until after I hit my estimated delivery date of 37w!
  • At the beginning of December we took maternity pictures with David Tran. He did an incredible job but we were waiting to share the photos until after our Christmas cards went out. I posted them all yesterday. Swoon!!
  • Last night, Casey and I stopped at Target to buy more Odwalla protein shakes and had the oddest check-out experience. The first thing our cashier, Mary, said to us when we got the register was "Congratulations. And are you having twins?" Ummm.... I really don't look that big and I was wearing an old fleece of Casey's that makes me look fat not pregnant. Then Mary says "Is your due date February? I don't think you'll be much longer." My due date is in February! How the heck did she know?!? Her last comment: "Two big healthy babies. About 5lbs each now." On December 6 at 28w0d they weighed 3lb5oz and 3lb2oz so 5lbs is certainly possible at 32w, but that would make them BIG babies. Especially for twins. Mary thinks I'm carrying 10lb of baby already. I sure hope she's right. Growth scan and BPP on Monday so we'll know soon. Given Mary's obvious clairvoyance I don't understand why she is working as a cashier at Target!
  • The Rockabye Baby station on Pandora is the coolest thing ever! I love watching the babies dance along!
  • I mailed the first 80 of our Christmas cards but never finished addressing the rest. I feel awful! So, if you didn't get one, check out the design on the blog and I'll get you a baby announcement in a few months instead!
  • We had friends over to celebrate my 28th birthday and watch the Cowboys game on the 30th. We're still mourning the end of Cowboys season, but it was so great to see friends! I seriously feel like I live under a pregnancy rock. I worry the isolation from friends is going to be worse after the babies come :(
  • You've all seen this bullet before, but I really want more guesses! We set up an online guessing site to enter your expectations for Pip and Pop. We would LOVE for ALL of you to play along! Go to http://www.expectnet.com/games/CassBoys to enter your guesses. We are really excited to see your thoughts!
  • I've started twice weekly visits to the OB. Every Monday I will have a BioPhysical Profile (BPP) (and a growth scan some Mondays) as well as a Non Stress Test. Every Thursday I will have another Non Stress Test and meet with an OB. Lots of appointments in my future!
  • I truly believe in the power of prayer and know that God listens and responds. He is all-powerful, all-wonderful, and all-capable. He is capable of infinitely more than infinitesimally more than we can even imagine (Ephesians 3:20). On my heart:
    • My sister-in-laws mom was laid to rest the day after Christmas. Prayers of comfort and peace for Amy and for my niece and nephew who lost their grandmother. Prayers for this family which has experienced so much loss the last few months.
    • I am itching everywhere. Like crazy. I seriously want to claw my skin off. It feels like the itch is radiating from inside of me instead of being on the outside of my skin. On Wednesday, I saw my OB for it and she had blood drawn to test or cholestasis. Prayers that the itching isn't from this (or if it is, at least that it is not severe). Prayers for Pip, Pop, and I as we enter this final stretch.
    • Numerous twitter friends going through infertility treatments, pregnancy complications, bed rest, waiting for adoption or surrogacy, and the struggles of raising kids.
      • @suzschmooz had a chemical pregnancy and while excited for her first ever BFP is mourning that loss.
      • Continued prayers for @When20Meets30 whose twins, Camden and Cameron, born at 23w5d, both passed away.
      • @EndoJourney's son MB remains in the NICU but the neonatologist is optimistic that he will be released in the next 3-4 weeks near his estimated due date (EDD).
      • @RNPhotoGirl has one last snowbaby and will be trying FET again. Prayers this one is her take home baby.
      • @LeLeIsMe announced a pregnancy recently. Se has had multiple late second trimester losses so prayers for a long and healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.

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December Big Idea:

God's son came into the world as a child to offer me peace.

December Memory Verse: And a little child will lead them. Isaiah 11:6
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