Jan 23, 2013

First Baths

The boys took their first baths last night! They were both little messes from having head ultrasounds with sticky gel all in their hair and down their backs so they needed it!
Since the boys still have their umbilical cords, they can't sit and soak in the bathtub, so they got sponge baths inside their isolettes.
Pip getting ready for his sponge bath.
Pip went first and we got the loudest cry out of him we have ever gotten. He was not a happy man. (But my laid back guy quickly went back to his cheerful self!)
Poor Pip. He's not a fan!
It was a happy momma though. As part of bath time, they take off all of the leads so I was able to walk around holding him for the first time!
Walking and holding my baby (Pip).
Pop went next, and he didn't like bath time anymore than his brother did. We've heard how good his lungs are a number of times and got to experience them again!
Pop didn't like bath time either.
This time, I helped with the rubbing and scrubbing. He looked at me with these big sad "you too mom?" eyes.
Mommy helping with Pop's bath.
After bath time, came my favorite time: lead free snuggle time with both of my boys!
Pip all clean.
Pop all clean.
Nana and I with the freshly clean boys.
And we aren't sitting right by the isolettes!
Nana comforting Pip before his wires all get reattached.
After bath time, the boys were reconnected to the wires and both got put in little undershirts. They were getting ready to have their isolette temperatures slowly moved towards room air in the hopes that the next day they would be self regulating and moved into open air cribs!
After bath time, Pip in a shirt.

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